Affiliate Blueprint

Affiliate Blueprint

Affiliate BlueprintResearching Your Products – Pick a niche product and start to research if it’s a viable topic or subject.

Whether you want to go with Clickbank products or with other affiliate products, you will need to do your research.

Finding a profitable niche should be the very first
thing you do when starting in affiliate marketing.

You want to have a product that is Hot! If you find a product that isn’t very hot, don’t expect to make any kind of money with it.

The reason I picked the Maverick Money Makers is because it is a hot item. People are interested in the niche, and it’s marketed well, presented in a professional manner, and has tools for its affiliates to use to make money.

To find out what are people looking to buy:

  • Amazon Best Sellers –
  • Bestsellers

Amazon gives you a quick and easy way to find out what’s hot and what’s not on their site. It is a clear indicator of what the buying market is looking for, making it very easy for you to put yourself in the path of oncoming web traffic and make sales.

If you sign up with Amazon’s affiliate program, you can sell all of the products on the site, and with the Bestsellers section, you will know for sure that certain products are selling.

They even give you a Top10 list for each category so that you can use that to make articles, reviews and blog posts. Ebay Pulse tool: 

This is a great place to find out what the hot products are because if a person is typing it into eBay, they are typing it into Google and Amazon. Ebay Pulse gives you a real-time look at what people are looking to buy.

You can log into eBay and do a search on the completed items. It will tell you what people are selling; how many have sold and the average price.

Look for items with bids, and this is a great way to get an idea of what people are looking for.

Terapeak is another great way to do things

Go to Hot Research, sort of like eBay pulse. It will give you a listing of what’s hot on eBay. You can then drill down and it will give you an idea of some of the different auctions that are going on. If there are bids, this is a good item to become an affiliate for.

Hot Research > Hot Searches and then Search

A good average price above $30.00, with a good commission rate of no less than 40%, the higher the better. Also, don’t go for the very high-end products that are priced at above $125 dollars.

Regards, Coyalita 

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