Affiliate Blueprint

Affiliate Blueprint

Build Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages

Affiliate BlueprintBuild Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages

Get some free pages which can act as intermediary sites which you can use to pre-sell your various products by writing articles presenting the products and writing about the features and benefits.

Build one Squidoo or Hubpage per article and product. Avoid combining stuff on pages, because you want to give a clear message about each product or service that you are promoting.

You can build more than one page per product. Look and think about the different angles you can bring to each product or service that you are promoting.

For instance: list the features and benefits in general lens, then build 4 or 5 lenses on specific sub-features where you only talk about that feature. Then, from the main lens or hubpage, you can link to the sub-feature pages.


Autoresponders are e-mail messages that are sent automatically when an e-mail arrives for a specific e-mail account. The most common example of autoresponder is the ubiquitous “Out of Office” message sent by mail programs like Outlook and Eudora.

Web autoresponders are used by affiliate marketers to send responses to questions when they are away from the computer.

Autoresponders will answer questions and send information about a product or service. They are also key to list building which is where many affiliate marketers make backend sales by sending follow-up messages.

Most web autoresponders give you unlimited autoresponder messages, and you can have multiple autoresponder addresses.

Autoresponders are inexpensive and are considered your silent 24/7 salesman. Two good autoresponder companies that charge around $20 bucks a month include:

Aweber –
GetResponse –

There are many other autoresponder companies out there, and you can even get autoresponders as part of your webhosting package.

However, these two autoresponder companies offer a host of additional features and benefits that allow you to build a list super-fast.

Backend sales on follow-up messages account for a large part of affiliate sales. It is a known fact that people need multiple exposures to a product to convert tire-kicking to sales.

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