Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates GoldmineNot an Overnight Task Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Fast Ok, let’s get started. The first thing I want at the front of your mind when going through this is affiliate sales and affiliate building is not an overnight thing. I could lie to you, but I won’t.

Affiliate building is like list building. The more products you create and promote, the more affiliates are likely to join you on the way. Like with list building, the more joint ventures and promotions you get sorted, the more people will join your list on the way.

Understand that if this is your first day, and you don’t have any affiliates they will only grow as fast as you promote. Keep in mind though, that even five good new affiliates will put you well on your way to earning a heck of a lot more.

Your First Questions

In setting up your affiliate program, the first question you’ll likely have to ask yourself is how much do I award to affiliates per sale and on how many levels? While there are many factors to take into account, the answer isn’t really all that complex.

Always look at things from an affiliates point of view. We’ve really been spoiled by commissions as of late, I’ve seen things up to 80%, and even 100% for the first month quick start bonuses. This is why it’s important that your first level is at least 40%. Remember that’s not a 60% loss, it’s a 40% gain from a sale you may never have made.

If there’s one thing, I’d like you to keep in mind at this point, it’s that when getting started, affiliate promotion is more about resource building for future promotion than making immediate profit, something the big earners realized early on.

Sure, you’d give away 80-100% if it meant you’d have a list of several thousand to promote to as a result of the increased affiliate activity. Don’t think in two dimensions, or you’ll see your highly contested for affiliates go elsewhere for higher commissions.

Next up comes level two. It’s really important to have a level two commission going, because this will give all the first level referrers a passive income (cliché, I know) once they’ve exhausted their first level promotion.

I know some people who won’t even promote products unless they have a second level commission there (very big tip, don’t forget this widespread factor), or the first level commission is particularly high.

So, a second level is a must, unless you have a very high-ticket product to start with. Use your discretion, and remember to test whilst you’re selecting your levels and whilst your affiliates promote for you.

Now I understand that there may be circumstances where 40% commissions or a second level commission may not be possible.

For example, if the products that you’re creating are tangible, or have a high production cost, but still go ahead and create yourself an affiliate program, whether it’s five or ten percent.

It won’t get you as much interest as a high commission program, but you really don’t have much choice when paying a 40% commission rate would put you at a loss every sale.

Taking into Account the Price of Your Products

The next thing you’ll want to look at when trying to set your affiliate commissions is the price of your product itself, and its structure. It’s far easier to get people to promote for you in four situations.

1. Where you have a high price

2. When your commissions are higher

3. When you have a second level

4. Where the commission is re-occurring over time

If your affiliate program doesn’t meet at least one of those requirements, we have a problem on our hands. The more of these four points it meets, the stronger is your position both for attracting affiliates and keeping them promoting.

Regards, Coyalita

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