Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates GoldmineCrafting Your Welcome & Congrats E-mails Make sure you craft your congratulations e-mails and welcome emails well.

Still on the subject of mailing your affiliates, it’s important for everything to be smooth, quick and easy for them.

Some just have lists that they want to blast your ads out to. Your job is to make that as smooth as possible.

Send them a log in link in the welcome mail, tell them again how much they’ll earn, give them some small stats and figures; ‘With just ’10 sales, you’ll earn $7000’. Emphasize the second level, no matter how small. This passive earning is really important to a lot of marketers.

Think of this as kind of a small sales letter, but crossed with an instruction manual. They’ve signed up, now sell onto the promotion with how much they can earn and how quickly.

Don’t forget to tell them to click the link below, copy and paste the pre-written ads, blast them out to their lists or the list of provided e-zines, and await the congratulatory e-mails from you, saying they have cash.

Don’t just suggest an action and expect them to do it. Close the sale. Tell them to do it, and your response will increase dramatically.

Emphasize pay days, and tell them to look out for special promotions and bonuses from you that will give them the opportunity to promote your other products, or even promote this product at a higher commission.

This really should have gone in the bonuses section that we talked about earlier, but since we’re here, try not to give the reader any excuse to hold off.

For example, I remember four years or so back I joined a membership site and was all ready to go off promoting for them as an affiliate, then when I saw the welcome mail, I was told to look forward to an e-mail soon that would entitle me to extra earnings promoting the product.

Just that wording almost put me off. I later found out that it was actually bonuses and top affiliate rewards for the previous couple of months, but see how that mail seemed like a good deal, but made me wait? No doubt this was the opposite effect they were looking for.

You don’t want your affiliates to think twice. This letter will have them log in, grab the ad and blast it out. As quick and as easy as possible for them with the best possible rewards, which in turn means the highest amount of additional income for you. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Regards, Coyalita 

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