Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates GoldmineQuick Start Bonuses Explained Something else you may want to think about is quick start bonuses.

We mentioned these earlier but I never really told you why they’re important.

Well, it’s for two reasons. For a start it provides a viable option for your affiliates and makes your program more enticing for them to join.

Hey, who wouldn’t join an affiliate program that advertised 100% commissions for the first month or two?

I know a few people who went ahead and did this, and they got one heck of a response.

Remember always to put yourself in the shoes of your target. Think like them, and you’ll be able to attract them.

The second reason for big quick start bonuses is to actually get people promoting. It’s amazing sometimes how hard it is to get people to do things.

You know how you try your best to get someone to do something or do a job well, and in the end you end up saying something like ‘Ah I’ll just do it myself’.

Well, this is the job of quick start bonuses on a deeper level. If you’re attracting affiliates that generally don’t promote very often or haven’t promoted before, then this is another reason for them to choose you.

Once they’re going and start to make money, it’s amazing how much of a motivation enhancement it is to receive an e-mail saying you’ve just made some cash.

Quick start bonuses are especially important when you have a membership site that doesn’t cost a huge amount per month, but you can take advantage of a big and powerful high commission headline to attract them.

Don’t forget all of this is tied to you and your business also, important for repeat affiliate business.

If someone gives you cash, you don’t forget it, and no doubt you’ll be back for more, as will your affiliates flood back to you over multiple businesses.

Communication – The Key to Profits

Which brings me to my final point, and probably the most important one in this section. Communication is the key. As well as sending bonuses and offers, an e-mail with a ‘Congrats, you’ve made cash’ subject can be one heck of a motivator.

It’s also important to remind your affiliates, not necessarily through offers, but often letting them in on info like ‘It can take seven times and upwards of 10 times that people have to see your offer before they will sign up’.

We’ve seen those before, and that is the purpose. I have found to an extent that with mailing list advertising, this is indeed true, provides a good excuse for you to mail your affiliates, and also provides them with the confidence they need to know that send out another mailing to their list isn’t going to be a waste of time.

They’ll gobble up any free info and tips you can give them, simply because it means more money for them. (And for you in this case)

Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Regards, Coyalita 

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