The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

How the power of Pinning and the image driven web are changing social media marketing

The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest – In late 2009 short text messages still dominated social media. A three year old startup named Twitter was showing explosive growth built almost  entirely on the delivery of short text. Facebook wall posts were still a relatively new form of personal  communication.

Advertising campaigns from that spring introduced the phrase “There’s an app for that” but that data speeds for the iPhone and its competitors were still best suited for words, not graphics.

It was in this environment that Pinterest was co-founded by Ben Silbermann, an ex Google product designer and childhood collector of just about everything.

Pinterest was to become an easy to use network where images, not text, would be the  primary social currency and that connections would be built from personal interests more so than from pre-existing personal relationships.


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