The 6 Principles to 6Pack Abs

The 6 Principles to 6Pack Abs

The 6 Principles to 6Pack AbsPresuppositions on Six Pack Abs According to the media, the fitness industry, and every other industry that has to do with reaching out to the masses,

Six packs are the thing to have!

And we have come to expect six packs from those industries. When we are relaxing at home watching TV shows and we see someone take their shirt off, and they are overweight and don’t have a six pack, it’s not uncommon for at least one person in the room to say, “Ew.”

This scenario happens all the time, and most of the time the person saying it doesn’t even have a six pack themselves.

The point of this is that the media, the TV, movies, magazines, and everything else that’s designed for mass consumption, is reorienting our views for what’s normal in our society.

If we listened to the media, everyone on earth would be weak and inferior. Why? Because most people don’t have six pack abs.

Don’t believe me? Think of how the media portrays people of power or influence. They almost always have a six pack.

Every warrior in the movie ‘300’ had a six pack and even the Twilight movies show six pack abs almost completely throughout. And that’s just counting the men. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for women celebrities to sport a six pack, too.

That’s because six packs signify power, sexiness and our media is letting us know that having them means that we’re special. We’re not just common; we’re someone to be respected. That is how the media depicts people with six pack abs.

But the truth is, having a six pack is healthy, too.

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