Social Media Domination Twitter

Social Media Domination Twitter

Social Media Domination Supremacy Twitter We have looked at how to set up social media networks, we have seen how they can be used, and we have looked at how to provide value. Now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty and to see how best to approach each of the big social media sites.

We will start with Twitter. Twitter has long been one of the largest and best-known social networks on the web and it has a special set of advantages for big businesses. The main appeal of Twitter is that it is low investment, high yield. In other words, it will take you a couple of seconds to Tweet something, but that Tweet could potentially be seen by thousands or even millions of people.

How Twitter Works

The way that Twitter works is simple. This network allows you to post a Tweet of 140 characters to your audience, which should normally reflect your opinion on a matter, your mood, or an interesting idea, fact, or tip. Everyone who is one of your ‘followers’ will then see that, Tweet. At the same time, other people will also be able to search for the Tweet by searching for phrases you used within the message, or by searching for ‘hashtags.’

A hashtag is something that allows you to tag the subject matter of your post and thus helps people to find posts on that subject. The wonderful thing about hashtags is that specific phrases can end up ‘trending’ which can then provide huge exposure for Tweets on that subject.

Likewise, popular Tweets can also be favorited by other users, or ‘Retweeted’ (shared) with their audience.

The idea behind Twitter is that it gives you a quick way to see what people are talking about and to join the discussion. By searching for a specific tag, you can see how people on Twitter are responding to that event and you can even get breaking news this way. Twitter itself has gone as far as to describe the platform as the ‘pulse of the planet.’

How to Succeed on Twitter

Twitter has an extremely specific ‘vibe to it and a hip, youthful reputation. Succeeding here often means being candid and personable, with bland corporate messages sinking into obscurity. If you run a small business, then this is a suitable place to Tweet about how the ‘office is quiet this morning’ or how you are ‘super excited to be working on X new project.’ You can get more personal if you have a personal brand and for instance use this to talk about how you are feeling. The idea is that fans will get a glimpse into your life and your lifestyle.

Another way to demonstrate that your company is modern, and in-style is to look at what is happening right now and to join the discussion. Keep your eyes on the news and look for trending subjects and then chime in – this way, you will be able to get a lot of eyes on your posts just by riding the wave. Tweet about something that is currently being discussed and if it is not so big that your message gets drowned, then you can gain a lot of followers and retweets this way.

Of course, the best kind of news for a business is breaking news in their industry. So, make sure that you post this type of content. Getting hash tags right is really the secret to success here and to rapid growth.

You can also provide bite-sized tips on Twitter and bits of information. Users say they also like to follow brands that share exclusive offers and discounts with their audience – which of course has an inherent value for your audience.

Tools and Tips to Grow Your Audience Quickly and Effectively

To take your efforts on Twitter even further, you should also look at employing some tools and techniques in smart ways.

We have already seen how Buffer can be useful to create lots of Tweets that will then be delivered over time. This is a good strategy but do make sure that you are writing fresh content too – you cannot react to current events and trending topics if everything you post is automated!

Another key strategy for growth on Twitter is to engage with your most influential followers. If you can get someone with 2,000 followers to Retweet your comment, then that means you will have just gotten exposure to 2,000 more people in moments. To do this, you can use Twitter’s in-built analytics feature to see which of your users are the biggest and most influential ( From there, you can then target those ‘best’ followers by responding to their tweets, by sharing things they say and by engaging with them. If you share one of their tweets, then often they will reciprocate and do the same.

A tip though: do not try and aim too high right from the start. If you go for a Twitter user with one hundred million followers, then they will ignore you – they get a billion messages a day. Instead, look for users that have lots of followers but are not ‘out of your league.’ Likewise, using tools like Twitter Analytics and Followerwonk ( you can also see which of your users is already engaging with lots of your content. Find someone who is engaged and influential and you have your perfect storm!

Follower Wonk will give you useful analytics

This tool also lets you see when your followers are most active – very handy for knowing when to schedule your tweets.

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