Social Media Domination Live Video Streaming

Social Media Domination Live Video Streaming

Social Media Domination Live Video Streaming when it comes to video marketing, the next evolution it seems is going to be live video streaming. Live streaming has been available through YouTube for a while now, but it is only recently that channels have started taking advantage of this more regularly. This way, they can stream events, Q&As or other live events. Live gaming has also been popular for a while thanks to Twitch which now has 45 million monthly viewers (

Live video has a special appeal for viewers because it is happening now. Not only does this mean it is often available only for a limited time (unless it is recorded and uploaded) but it means that they can be the first to learn of certain events. More than pre-recorded video, live events can transport the viewers to somewhere new and indeed the tagline for Periscope is ‘Explore the World Through Someone Else’s Eyes.’

Apps for Live Streaming

What’s really jumpstarted the popularity of video streaming though are Periscope ( and Meerkat (


These are two streaming apps that let users broadcast their feeds and which have garnered a lot of attention, very quickly. Anyone can use Periscope and several brands are already using it to significant effect. Red Bull for instance used Periscope recently to stream Guest House events, while Spotify posts things like behind-the-scenes videos with artists.

Other options for live streaming include Blab (, YouTube and even Snap Chat ( to some extent.

Each can be used in an analogous way to help generate buzz around a live event and to give your audience a live window through which they can view your business. If you are only going to focus on one though, choose either YouTube or Periscope. The latter is quickly growing in popularity to become the streaming service of choice for marketers and has an incredibly positive buzz now from which you can benefit.

Tips for Success

To succeed through live video, the secret is yet again to provide value as information and entertainment. But at the same time, it is to use other social media platforms to generate hype and buzz for your event – start promoting your live streaming event early on and find ways to engage your audience by inviting them to participate in several ways where applicable.

This is also great for tying together with competitions and other types of time-sensitive marketing. Think too about things that benefit from being live – concerts, travel, interviews and more all feel a lot more exciting when live. How about a live launch event for your product? Likewise, how about letting your viewers send in live questions, something that can be exciting and give them direct access to your brand. Make sure that your audience feel as though they are getting live, unrestricted access to something exciting and different, and you will be able to generate excitement.

And if you are not ready to go live in front of the camera yet, consider using other live ‘events’ for your marketing. This could mean a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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