Social Media Domination LinkedIn

Social Media Domination LinkedIn

Social Media Domination LinkedIn we have discussed a bit about influencer marketing over the past several chapters but when it comes to this type of promotion, there is no platform better than LinkedIn.

Unlike other social networks that are designed for a commercial audience primarily, LinkedIn is built for businesses and as such contains many powerful tools that make it easier for you to promote yourself.


How LinkedIn Works for Businesses

Standard LinkedIn profiles are for professionals to promote and network themselves. These work like CVs and allow people to show off their skills, often to try and find employment or clients. If you are a business then, you will need to set up a company page. Like a Facebook page, this can be accessed and managed from your main account but will have your company’s branding instead of your picture.

Where the company page is slightly different from a Facebook page though, is in the inclusion of ‘Showcase Pages’ which were previously known as ‘Products and Services’ pages. The idea of a showcase page is for you to show off the various things that your business has to offer. So, if you have a website, then this is where you would put that.

This is an important distinction because the trading name of your business and the name of your website might be different. This also allows you to have and promote multiple assorted brands all at once. Microsoft for instance could set up a ‘Microsoft’ company page and then have showcase pages for ‘Windows,’ ‘Xbox,’ ‘Microsoft Band,’ ‘Surface’ etc.

Because LinkedIn is all about professional networks, it is especially useful for B2B businesses, and you can even get direct sales this way.

Additional features of LinkedIn include ‘Company Updates’ which allow you to write posts from your business (rather than from yourself personally) and ‘targeted company updates’ which let you make posts that will be seen specifically by certain cross sections of your audience – for instance you might make a post that you want to be seen by the key decision makers of companies. You can also use this to discuss internal matters with the rest of your company and it is a splendid feature all around.

Additional Tricks and Features for Businesses

LinkedIn has a lot more tricks and features up its sleeve that are great for businesses and entrepreneurs. One particularly handy feature is the ability to look at other users and then to see how you might be connected. If you are not already connected to someone, then you may find that you are two degrees of separation away – which means you can now arrange an introduction. What is more, you can also use something called ‘InMail’ to message people who are somehow connected to you. Finally, the ability to see who the key ‘influencers’ are in your network is also extremely useful.

So, when LinkedIn is powerful, it is when you use it to make connections and to find other businesses and bloggers to work with. Look up a big-name blogger in your niche and you might find that you know someone who knows them and can arrange an introduction. From there, you can then investigate working together to promote both your businesses.

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking. If you attend networking events (and you should) you can also use it to turn those chance encounters into lasting contacts. Two tools that can help you to do this are Rapportive ( and FiveHundredPlus (

Rapportive is an excellent plugin for Gmail that allows you to see the LinkedIn profile of anyone who e-mails you. This way, someone who you are dealing with for the first time can now become a long-term contact and you will be able to potentially benefit from their connections too. This also means that you will know precisely who is messaging you (which is particularly useful) and it means that you can turn any business card you are given into a new LinkedIn connection.

Note that you can also use LinkedIn just like Facebook or Twitter but with a more targeted B2B audience. It is easy to share posts, status updates, photos and more on LinkedIn and you can even try using ‘LinkedIn Pulse’ which is an in-built blogging platform for industry news.

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