Rise From the Bottom to Profits

Rise From the Bottom to Profits

Rise From the Bottom to Profits – Hello world my name is Leo Sotelo born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. As I stumbled  onto my journey of entrepreneurship I knew the road was going to be tough. I don’t know anyone personally who has wanted to take the challenge.

During my time of high school days I was told like many others the whole scoop of bright promising words that I will land a good job and have a great life. It took me a while to learn that wasn’t going to happen, I bounced around from job to job for more than thirty jobs since high school which sadly but gladly made me grateful for not having any children, “my own point of view”.

I grew up knowing the street life so entrepreneurship was in my blood but I needed advancement. First book I turned to was Think and Grow Rich “Napoleon Hill”. The book caught my interest opening doors in my brain expanding my potential. Like I mentioned earlier I didn’t know anybody personally to help me, I dedicated myself alone.


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