Property Insurance Articles

Property Insurance Articles

Property Insurance Articles – A Guide to the Different Thatched Property Insurance Companies

Nothing beats a thatch-roof house when it comes to having a feeling of rural living. In essence, this type of design offers a welcoming atmosphere and makes people feel at home. However, a thatch roof differs in comparison to many other types of roofs. Therefore, they require thatched property insurance.

Currently, a number of different companies offer thatched property insurance. Below, you will find several different options pertaining to the various companies offering this type of insurance

Black Friars Group

Black Friars Group, an independent insurance broker and registered member of the General Insurance Standards Council has access to 40 different insurance companies and more than 50 products. Some of the different options include a number of financial products, as well as insurance. Insurance options consist primarily of commercial, personal, and specialty types. Thatched property insurance consists of a specialty insurance option.

Cheaper Home Insurance has a large range of home insurance options, such as specialty types pertaining to thatched property…


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