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Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name is the ultimate branding tool for your business. You want it to be a name that will stand out when people go to your site, but at the same time you want it to be easy to remember, and easy to tell someone how to get to your site without a lot of spelling or unnecessary directions.

When a domain name is assessed by a professional domain assessment company, there are several things that are considered that make a domain more or less valuable.

Size: How long is the domain name?
Relevance: Is it relevant to the subject of the site?
Uniqueness: Is it specific to one certain subject or can it be used for more than one? Does it convey a sense
of humor or political message?
Simplicity of direction: If you told someone offline how to get to your site would you need to give a lot of
directions or could you just say the name and get them there without any problems?
Domain extension: .com, .org, .biz, .info, etc… should also pertain to what the site is about or what type of organization it is.

Your domain should contain the key words that tell what your site is about. If your site is about gardening, your domain name should convey that.

One way to help you decide on a good domain name is to write down the words that pertain to what your site sells or what it’s about and put together a nice phrase that works for you.

Then once you’ve done that, go to a domain server and enter it in to see if it’s available. You may need to use a hyphen between words.

This isn’t always an innovative idea but if you want that great domain name and it’s only available that way, then it might be necessary. Just make sure that when you tell people offline about your site that you let them know the name is hyphenated.

You should try to make your domain name as short and to the point as possible. The longer the name, the less likely that people will want to type it in to find it. Use search engines to look up sites that have content similar to what your site will be about and see what domain names are already being used.

You might think of something that’s catchier and more appealing than what’s out there now, or you might find something that inspires you to think of something else.

Try to keep your site content relevant to the domain and vice versa. In other words, if you have a site about dogs and you name it people might not find it when they’re looking for Jack Russell Terrier puppies.

In the same way if you have a domain name like and the site content is about internet marketing, people who are looking for puppies might find it but people looking for internet marketing won’t. So, keep things in perspective.

Your domain name is very personal, and it can be a name that only means something to you or your family, or even your community, but if you want to have more people coming to your site it’s always best to keep the name easy to remember, easy to tell others about, and easy to find.

The name Spinkindorf might mean something to you, but it’s just a little too unique to do much good in search engines. I only know of one time a weird sounding name did any good in commercials and that was the Volkswagen commercials about “farfignugin” but I have no idea if I spelled it correctly or not and I would imagine I didn’t.

Does anyone really know what the heck that means or why they put it in the commercial? Don’t ask me. All I know is that if I want to look up a site about Volkswagen Beetles, I’ll use the word “Volkswagen” in my search.

If you have a good domain name and want to protect it from being copied by anyone else, it’s an innovative idea, if possible, to get as many of the extensions as you can and set up related sites on the other domains.

You could use .com for the main site, .info for the newsletter, .biz for the affiliate program, .org for the charities you establish,

A good .com domain name can be purchased for no more than $10 a year. Other extensions can be bought with a package deal so you can save quite a bit by purchasing them all as a bundle.

Anyway, you get the main idea here. Keep your content and your domain names relevant to each other and it should help you to do a respectable job of getting your site noticed. A little imagination goes a long way. Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Regards, Coyalita 

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  1. Hi Coyalita
    I found this article very interesting. I never realized that domain names were personal – in fact I never realized that domains were something attached to websites. Guess you learn something new every day. This was a great read and well discussed by you. Thanks for the information
    Casar Dominga

  2. Hello Casar
    Thank you for your comments, they are most appreciated. Domains are very important they are like personal property that you own. Let’s say that you build a website, when you do so you then also purchase a domain name for example Casar@ usually you can get a domain name fairly cheap yet as your website grows and you decide to sell it then it can be sold for Alot more money. Further more the longer you keep the website the more promising it is for traffic and resell value. Hope this clarifies things a little better for you.
    Regards, Coyalita

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