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Writing Great Content

Writing Great Content Obviously, not everybody can write well. It’s a gift if you can, but it’s not absolutely necessary to be a writer to build a good website.

You do need to have a little bit of knowledge about what your site is about, but you can always borrow content that’s relevant to your site from other sources.

Use your search engines to find the articles you need that pertain to your site’s subject and either ask permission or find the content that’s public domain and if it’s required, just include the author’s information so they don’t get upset if they see it on your site.

If you find something someone’s written that really catches your eye and hits the mark on what you’re trying to say, then you can also change it just enough so it’s not the same word for word and it will be fine.

The main thing you want to do is to not just have images and banners on your site with no real content. Search engines look for good content and relevant information on the subject.

The more information you can give on any particular subject, the better. If it’s easy to understand, well written and has a touch of humor or is fun to read, people will want to share it with others. Even if you’re borrowing some of the content you can still add your own special touches and make it your own.

Even if you can’t spell and know nothing about grammar or composition, people don’t always expect that. It depends on the subject matter and how you’re trying to portray yourself and your business.

Even the so called “gurus” of marketing make grammatical errors and no one says a word about it. Mike Filsaime makes millions of dollars a year, but he makes a lot of grammatical and spelling errors, and it doesn’t stop him for a second. He makes no apology for this because everyone knows that he’s not all about spelling and grammar. He’s about marketing and selling.

If your business requires you to give a more professional presentation, and you can’t write a lick then by all means borrow from someone who can or hire someone else to do the writing for you. (Hint: I’ll be more than happy to do it for you for a small fee)

Regards, Coyalita 

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