Planting The Seeds

Planting The Seeds

Planting The Seeds – There’s probably no one who hasn’t heard the phrase “planting the seed” in some form or another. The phrase, “You’ll reap what you sew” is common too, but how does it apply to business?

Think of it in terms of gardening. You plant a seed, you nurture it, it grows, and you get the rewards of the finished product. In business, hard work is the seed. You put in your dedication, time, and hard work and grow a quality business you can reap the rewards of.

Likewise, a business without the planting and nurturing of seed can’t grow. Without putting in the hard work necessary to grow your business, you can’t expect to have a reward. Sometimes, even the smallest action can allow you to reap great rewards. Being idle, however, will not yield rewards. In other words, do nothing, get nothing.


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