Pinterest Business Boards

Pinterest Business Boards

Pinterest Business BoardsSo, What Should You Post on Your Boards? Now that you have an idea what Pinterest is about and how it can assist you in promoting your products and business brand, what kinds of pins will you choose? Let’s begin with the research.

Initiate a Pinterest search. What types of images are people pinning? What kind of boards are trending or most popular right now? Browse those feeds and investigate what you find there. Use that information as your guideline for creating your own pins to be shared.

Follow businesses with similar interests. Read their comments and see how many likes and repins they are getting. It can give you ideas about how strong their presence is on Pinterest. You might also gain ideas for presenting your images to your followers.

Follow Pinterest for Business boards. Here, find out what is new with the site. They are keen to keep people coming back so also comment and offer your suggestions for ways that businesses could better be served.

Constantly review your boards on Pinterest. If some are not as popular, find out why. Delete pins that are not working or attracting traffic. Replace them with more inviting images. Delete boards that no longer work. Removing a board means that the pins associated with it will be removed as well.


You now know more about Pinterest than you did before. This site offers a unique way for businesses to engage visitors. Through pins that contain images, content and quotes, others can find out more about your services and you can begin building a brand.

It is free to become a business member of Pinterest. Before you begin pinning anything, take a look around. Perform a little leg work to find out what’s popular, trending and hot on the site and also within your niche.

As far as branding is concerned, you can use thought-provoking images from hundreds of thousands of sources to bring the emotional side into your marketing strategies. Link your business with images that portray your personal beliefs as they relate to your business and its purpose.

Communicate with others through repins and comments. Get to know other business owners and your customers as well. You may just find a new business partner for a joint Pinterest event that can benefit both enterprises.

Customers can promote viral marketing for you by repinning images and leaving comments. You can in turn reward your customers with contest boards and ones that promote product specials that can only be accessed through your Pinterest board.

Read the case studies. This avenue may be worth exploring to enhance your current marketing efforts. Who knows; it might become the wave of the future.

Regards, Coyalita 

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