One Month to Your Own Online Business

One Month to Your Own Online Business

43 Things

43Things is a site where people list the things that they want to achieve, their objectives and desires. Consequently, it is another good site for discovering what members of the site need or want.

On the homepage, you will see the ‘Need Inspiration’ tag cloud, within which the entries that are largest and in bold are the most popular categories in which objectives are listed.

People are concerned about ‘Money and wealth’ (more so now than ever before), so you could dive straight into this particular category, or start with the ‘Popular goals’ link:

Generally speaking, in order to obtain a generic overview before trying to narrow things down, I would use the ‘Popular goals’ link:

‘Lose weight’ is always a popular subject, but I would imagine that very few people would think that ‘stop procrastinating’ would be such a major concern.

‘Get a tattoo’ might also be worth listing, because while it represents more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’, it is still a massively popular topic.

Wanting to ‘Fall in love’ and ‘Be happy’ would both be important features of a stable relationship, hinting that relationships are another pain area.

There are one or two extra topics from the ‘Money and wealth’ category that would be worth adding to the list as well:

Save Money

get out of debt

become financially independent

and more…

MySpace Groups

MySpace is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet, a place where millions of individuals come together to discuss their interests, hobbies and desires. Within the site, many hundreds of like-minded people have got together to form Groups that focus on their particular area of interest, and so by investigating which groups are the most popular, you can once again get a fairly clear idea of the kind of information that is in demand:

On the group’s homepage, there is a comprehensive list of ‘Groups by Category’.

By now, you should be getting a fairly good idea of the categories that you should be investigating to establish the kind of information people are looking for.

However, there is one other consideration which I have not mentioned previously, and this is the fact that even some extremely popular categories are not really worth looking at, because there is no money to be made.

For example, while there are a huge number of MySpace ‘Entertainment’ groups, there is generally little or no money to be made in this particular area as far as online marketers are concerned. You will see how to assess this a little later, but take it from me that this is not a moneymaking category.

The money-making categories to focus on are (once again) ‘Health, Wellness, Fitness’ as well as ‘Business & Entrepreneurs’, ‘Computers & Internet’, ‘Money & Investing’ as well as ‘Pets & Animals’. All of these are categories where you will find needy people, as opposed to those in other categories who simply have ‘wants’.

A little way down the ‘Health’ category groups list, you have people who have come together to focus on autism, natural cures and yoga. While the latter is probably more of a ‘want’, ‘autism’ is a definite need (particularly for parents of autistic children), and for those who are dedicated to living a natural lifestyle, using ‘natural cures’ is probably also a ‘need’ subject.


One Month to Your Own Online Business


Regards, Coyalita

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