One Month to 1000 List Members Joint Ventures with a Twist

One Month to 1000 List Members Joint Ventures with a Twist

Setting up joint-venture operations with other online marketers or established people in your business (i.e., those who already have a mailing list) is a terrific way of rapidly expanding your mailing list. (“Academy Internet Marketing: How to Make Money with Emails …”)

The theory of how it should work is extremely simple. From your research of forums, chat boards and news sites in your market, you establish who the leading players are, the people who already have reasonable mailing lists. You propose a joint-venture operation to them where you provide them with something of value to send to their list members, they do so, and for those list members to get the gift that you are offering, they must register with you.

However, the difficulty of establishing joint ventures of this nature is that most established businesspeople are very protective of their list members’ information. They simply do not like ‘giving away’ list members (as they see it) to other people who might become competition in the future.

To make this work, you must do a little more than most marketers are willing to do to convince potential joint-venture partners to collaborate with you. This is how you can go about it.

First, you need to collect as much high-quality, expert information about your subject matter as you can, because this is going to be the basis of the product around which you are going to propose a JV. Go back to EzineArticles and search the ‘Expert Authors’ list by clicking on the link at the top left-hand corner of the homepage:


There are many expert EzineArticles authors who have already published thousands of articles, so you can be confident that these people are experts in their own field.

Check out their extended author biography details or follow the links attached to their articles to find their main website. Find a link for their mailing list and sign up as one step towards collecting as much expert information as you can.

Now, find the top 30 or 40 products in your niche from a site like, and sign up for their mailing list as well. However, you should also take note of their e-mail address, because if you do not already have a list of people with whom you would like to form a joint venture, the people who have created the top products in your market are the ones you should be going after.

The next step is the hardest. You must create an outstanding, exceptionally high-quality e-book or special report that is ‘ultra-meaty’ (40 pages or so), with the kind of information that everyone in your market needs.

This is extremely important, because if everyone in your market is clamoring for this current information, then you can be certain that the people on your expert’s e-mail list are in the same situation.

On the other hand, the expert in question is mailing their list members three or four times a week, so they need high-quality information of exactly the kind that you have just created.

Your next move depends upon how brave or ‘in your face’ you are willing to be with the experts on your list. Most marketers who are trying to build their first list are a little hesitant and nervous, but if you are the kind of person who is willing to confront a problem head-on, then your level of success is likely to be far greater and you will build you a list much more quickly.

The aggressive, upfront approach is to ask the expert with whom you want to form this joint venture to promote your product to their list members by including a direct link to your page in their outgoing email. This link should not, however, go directly to a download page but should instead take the individual concerned to a squeeze page where they sign up for your list to get the promised report.

Be aware that because most established list owners are very protective of their list, the number of experts who will agree to this approach is likely to be limited. However, even if you can only get one or two experts to collaborate with you on this basis, you will have a thousand list members in a matter of a few days, never mind one month, so it must be worth trying.

Incidentally, no matter what business you are in, it is likely that the acknowledged experts get many such joint-venture proposals every day, so much so that their e-mail inbox is likely to be bulging with them. If you send your proposal by e-mail, you are just another name among many, so do not send it by e-mail.

Try to find a fax number and send it this way, because in most offices, the fax machine is in common use, and it is therefore likely that someone will pick up your fax, see who it is addressed to and deliver it to them by hand. This immediately makes your proposal stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, send it by snail mail or even by courier – again, you have just become a standout.

If you do not feel comfortable with being so upfront, the alternative is to give a copy of your product to the expert in question and to ask them to send it to their list members on your behalf. In this case, you must include as many additional bonuses as you can think of in the introduction to your report, and a link on your site from where these bonuses can be downloaded free. This should be an opt-in squeeze page.

To take this one step further and to make it become viral, include a note to the recipient that they have the right to give this book away or even to sell it. Create a ready-made sales page for anyone who does want to sell it and emphasize that they can make money by acting, but to have the right to do so, they must first register with your site.

Whichever of these options you choose to take, the key to success is always the same. You must be determined to work as hard as necessary to convince experts in your market to collaborate with you, and that you are extremely serious about the business you run.

If you can do so while remaining enthusiastic, helpful, and organized, this single step can bring in hundreds or even thousands of new mailing list members every month for the near future. (“How To Make Money with Emails [Part 4] | Internet …”)

JV giveaway events…

A variation on the idea of joint ventures is that of joint-venture giveaway events. These are events where an organizing team creates a website from which anyone who finds that site can download many products for free.

However, the organizing team themselves do not provide these products. They invite other marketers to donate their products to make the event work. The quid pro quo for someone who does donate a product is that anyone who wants to get their product must sign up for their mailing list to do so.

These events are extremely popular, and the promotional power behind them is extraordinarily strong as well, because everyone who participates and donates a product will promote the event to their own list members. If you participate in a joint-venture giveaway event of this nature and your product is attractive, this represents an extremely quick and straightforward way of adding a few hundred new subscribers to your list, primarily because there are dozens of marketers all promoting the same event to their list members.

While at one time, joint-venture giveaway prevents used to take place only 3 or 4 times a year, they are now a constant of the online business calendar.

For the latest information about what events are taking place now, try these sites:


Before you started reading this you may already have begun your mailing list marketing efforts. If so, then as you have already seen, you do have a slight advantage over other people who never tried to build the list.

On the other hand, if you have not yet started your list building efforts, you should by now appreciate that you are at no significant disadvantage, and that adding 1000 names to your list in less than a month is doable.

“There is also no great mystery to building a list quickly but professionally.” (“How To Make Money With Emails [Conclusion] ~ Pure SEO Training”) It is simply a question of making sure that your site is set up in a way that makes people want to keep coming back to learn more, that you have squeeze pages incorporated into that site and that you then do everything you can to introduce as many people as possible to what you are doing on that web site.

“There is undoubtedly some work to be done if you want to achieve your target of having 1000 prospects on your mailing list within one month.” (“How To Make Money with Emails [Conclusion] ~ Pure SEO Training”)

For example, you will need to create your outgoing e-mail message series, and you should be creating at least a percentage of the content that you are publishing on your site yourself. None of this work is difficult, and there is therefore no reason you cannot achieve your 1000 list members objective.

But, let me conclude this report with a note of caution. There are plenty of web sites that are willing to sell you mailing lists, and you might be tempted by some of the outrageously good offers that you might come across. You might even be tempted to part with your money for a mailing list of this nature.

The simple word of warning is – do not!

The only list members who have any value are those who have voluntarily chosen to join your list. “The names on any mailing list you buy did not agree to join your mailing list.” (“How To Make Money with Emails [Conclusion] ~ Pure SEO Training”) Indeed, they have never even heard of you.

“Consequently, even if the names on a bought mailing lists have not been collected in a way that guarantees spam complaints against you (and, believe me, if you buy a list from anyone, you should be prepared for dozens of spam complaints), no-one on that list is going to do any business with you, ever.” (“How To Make Money with Emails [Conclusion] ~ Pure SEO Training”)

This is the reason you must start building your own list as soon as possible. Despite what you might see on web sites published by individuals and companies selling mailing lists, they do not work in online marketing.

No one else is going to do the list building work for you – it is down to you, and you are alone.

As I hope you now appreciate, building a mailing list is not at all difficult, and if you apply everything you have read in this manual, I am certain that you will reach your objective of ‘1 month to 1000 list members’ without difficulty.


Best Wishes, Coyalita

Thank you for joining me on this adventure through “1 Month to a 1000 Members List” I hope you have discovered some tips and tricks to help continuation with your own “1 Month to a 1000 Members List” here is to your success.

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