One Month to 1000 List Members Uploading Your Squeeze Page

One Month to 1000 List Members Uploading Your Squeeze Page

Uploading Your Squeeze Page – Once your squeeze page is ready, you need to upload it to your site before making sure that it is linked to the WordPress site that you installed earlier.

To facilitate the upload, you need to open the FTP program that you installed earlier. If you have already installed a new theme for the WordPress section of your site, then you will have already created an FTP account for the site, and you should therefore be able to log it straight into the FTP software.

If not, then you will need to input the required information about your site, which is the domain name, your login name and password, to be able to use FTP.

Where you upload the single squeeze page will depend on where you installed your WordPress sites, because you want to make sure that the squeeze page is in the same directory.

For example, if during the original WordPress installation, you did not create a subdirectory of your main site as part of the installation (you did not fill any information in the box indicated in the screenshot):

Then you would click and drag the squeeze page HTML file straight to the main ‘public HTML’ folder of your site (in this case, we are assuming that the squeeze page that you are uploading is abc.html):

If, however, you have installed WordPress in a subdirectory of your site, then you need to open the ‘public HTML’ folder, find that site subfolder, and finally click and drag the same squeeze page file to that folder. You do not need to specify where within that folder it should go – clicking and dragging it is enough:

Steps 3 & 4 – Your subscription form and back-office system…

It is convenient to deal with creating your subscription form and your back-office system together, because the subscription form will be created using your back-office system.

One the biggest secrets of effective list building is to have as much of the back-office system as possible automated, and to do so using the highest quality tools and resources available.

The tool that you will use to drive your back-office system is known as an autoresponder, and while there are many different autoresponder systems available, this is one area of your business where you cannot afford to skimp on spending money.

The two best autoresponder companies in the business are Aweber and Get Response, primarily because both companies have been around for a long time and they both focus all of their efforts on providing the highest levels of professional autoresponder service possible. I would strongly recommend that you choose one of these two companies to provide autoresponder services to back up your list building efforts.

Once you have an account with either of these companies, you need to load up that account with a series of outgoing e-mail messages and decide how often you want the autoresponder to send your mail messages to your prospects. Most online marketers send e-mail using their autoresponder account two or three times a week, but it really is a matter of choice and to a certain extent the market you are working in.

However, the important thing is to create enough outgoing e-mail messages to last you for the first month or two right at the beginning, because by doing so you free up your time to focus on list building rather than creating new outgoing messages.

You will also use your autoresponder to create the subscription forms for your site.

When you do so, you will be asked what information you want to collect from your site visitors, and you might be tempted to ask for both the email address and a name. The e-mail address, yes – you need this to be able to send information, but why are you asking for the name?

A couple of years ago, this might have made sense because online marketers used to ‘personalize’ outgoings e-mails so that they carried an honorific header like ‘Hey John’ or ‘Hi Joanne.’ This was supposed to be a way for the marketer behind the e-mail campaign to appear friendly and approachable. However, nowadays, everyone knows that this is an autoresponder trick, so it has little or no effect.

On the other hand, the more information you ask subscribers for, the fewer of them will sign up for your list, so I would recommend that you try using a subscription form that asks for only their e-mail address. Not only does this mean that your subscriber can join your list far more quickly, but it also allows them to retain a higher degree of anonymity. This should encourage far more people to subscribe to your list, which could be a significant step towards achieving your 1000 list member target.

Have a small subscription form on every content page of your site (at the top left-hand corner of the page is the best position) and add the same subscription form in the appropriate position on the squeeze page which you created earlier.

The final thing that you need is a ‘bribe’ that you can offer every one of your visitors to encourage them to sign up for your list.

You must give away gifts as a way of encouraging people to subscribe, because while the value of the information that you are giving away might be immense, the subscriber does not know that until they join your list. Hence, you must do whatever you can to twenty-two encourage them to join your list so they can start seeing the information, and the best way of doing this is to give them a gift of high perceived value.

One thing that you can be certain of is that it will not be sufficient to offer them a free subscription to your newsletter, because this is what every online marketer and his brother is doing. It must be a substantive gift of significant perceived value, something that purveys a message that is strong enough to push your visitor past their natural reluctance to give you their mailing information.

It must be appropriate, and laser targeted at the people who will visit your site. To take this a stage further, this strategy becomes even more effective if the bonus gift you can give away is unique, something that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Creating such a product is simple and quick if you know how!

What you are going to do is create a unique market targeted e-book on the back of other people’s work in a way that is legitimate and ethical.

Go back to EzineArticles and find around twenty articles that are highly appropriate to your target audience. Copy every one of the articles and paste each of them into the same Word document.

Next, write a page or two of introduction for your e-book (remembering to include your site details and contact information), and then add the introduction as the first couple of pages of the book.

Give the book a title something like ‘20 top dog training secrets revealed’, and make sure that the formatting is ‘tidy’ – every article starting on a new page, original author’s information still included and so on. (“How to Build a List of 1,000 Subscribers in About 30 Days”)

“Finally, use a free PDF creation program like PDF995 to turn the whole thing into a secure, professional PDF document.” (“How to Build a List of 1,000 Subscribers in About 30 Days”)

For less than an hour’s work, you have a unique targeted e-book that your visitors can only obtain by signing up for your mailing list. (“How to Build a List of 1,000 Subscribers in About 30 Days”) This is another amazingly effective tactic for building your mailing list extremely quickly.

One Month to 1000 List Members

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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