Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 5 – Attention Grabbing Headlines

Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 5 – Attention Grabbing Headlines

Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 5 – Attention Grabbing Headlines the headline is the most important part of your article. It has one job and one job only – to get your reader to read the rest of your article.

How can it do this?

By grabbing their attention and arousing their curiosity. Think of when you buy a physical newspaper or magazine. Or even, come to that, when you go to an online news site. Which articles do you decide to read? What makes you want to read a particular article and not another?

One word answer – the Headline.

When someone searches for your article and finds it in the listing, that is the very first thing they see. Therefore, your headline is especially important. If they do not like it, they are not going to read it, simple. So, it is critical that you get this right. Here is a great “secret” tip to help you write a good headline.

Go to the largest article directory, Ezine Articles, and type something into the search box that interests you. Then click on one of the articles that comes up in the results. Scroll down past the article itself and close to the bottom of the page you will see a section.

“Most Viewed Ezine Articles in the ***** Category (60 days)”

Now stop and think about this for a minute. These are the most viewed articles in a particular category for the last 2 months. So that means that the headlines from these articles had the best click through rate. Which means they must have been doing something right.

So, study those carefully and see if you can adapt your headline to one of the “most viewed” ones. Of course, you do not have to “adapt” a headline from within the same category as your article, just use something that appeals to you.

Also consider that we, since we know that the sole aim of the headline is to attract the reader’s attention, think of what has grabbed your attention in the past. What worked on you will certainly work on others. Here are a few types of headlines that you can adapt to suit your own articles:

  1. List Type Headline – “8 Top Tips for Learning Rabbit Training”
  2. Question Type Headline – “Do You Want to Learn Rabbit Training Like an Expert?”
  3. Command Type Headline – “Start Your Rabbit Training Before It’s Too Late!”
  4. Expert Type Headline – “Rabbit Training – All You Need to Know”

Notice I have my keyword phrase “rabbit training” in EVERY headline. This is crucial. If you do not have your main keyword in the headline, then you are wasting your time writing the rest of the article! Do not forget, all that you must do is attract the reader’s attention in your headline to get them to read the rest of it.

Correctly written, the rest of your article will then build up more interest, and subconsciously force the reader to click the link back to your site!

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Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: “Chapter 6 – How to Write Killer Content”

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