Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 11 – Your Secret Weapon – How to Rewrite Articles

Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 11 – Your Secret Weapon – How to Rewrite Articles

Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 11 – Your Secret Weapon – How to Rewrite Articles there will be occasions when you do not have the time or inclination to author several articles about a particular subject. You may have several sites that you want to promote and whilst you are comfortable with authoring a few articles, you do not have the time to write several hundred. Researching for a single article does not take that much time but let us be honest trawling through several hundred web sites to find material for several hundred articles is time-consuming.

So, what can you do?

One thing is to pay someone to author those articles for you. We will be covering outsourcing in a couple of chapters time. However, if you are looking for something in between writing everything yourself and paying someone to write everything for you, here are 3 options:

  1. Rewriting someone else’s article/content
  2. Combining content from several articles and rewriting that
  3. Rewriting Private Label Rights (PLR) articles

The first one I would completely reject; I just included it for reference because I have seen some so-called marketing experts recommend this method. If you are rewriting a single article, unless you are exceptionally good, you run the very real risk of being accused of plagiarism at best, and breach of copyright at worst.

The other reason is that it is not that easy to rewrite a single article; far easier to take material from several sources and combine that into one, new, unique article. So, we will disregard that method and just focus on the other two.

Combining and Rewriting Content

There are of course several sources you can use for finding content. Personally, most of the time I do not need to look much further than Ezine Articles. You will find millions of articles written about tens of thousands of topics. So, make that your first port of call. Let us go through a quick example so that you get the idea. Keeping with the “rabbit training” theme, if we go to Ezine Articles and type that in we get over 1,100 results as we saw earlier in the book.

I will not put up another screenshot here, but I will just list a few of the article titles that come up:

  • Calling your rabbit to come on command
  • How to train a rabbit to use a litter box
  • How to litter train your pet rabbit
  • Nine proven training rabbits’ tips (this title is not a typo, which is exactly what it says – despite the poor use of grammar it comes up as number 4 in the search results)
  • Training techniques to use now
  • Taming the aggressive rabbit
  • Teach your rabbit its name
  • Rabbit chewing problems and solutions
  • How to solve rabbit urine problems
  • A harness for your rabbit
  • Introducing rabbits to dogs
  • Rabbit litter training

and so on, that is just the first 12 results.

Immediately we can see patterns there and get some great ideas of our own. In fact, doing this is a terrific way of “brainstorming” when you run low on ideas.

Let me give you just one example of a great article idea. You will notice that there are 3 different articles about litter training. So that would be perfect for taking different ideas from all three and combining them into just one article. In fact, what I would do is create a list type article.

Assuming there are three different tips in each article, combine them all into one. Call it something like “9 things you never knew about rabbit litter training”, write a couple of paragraphs as an introduction, put the nine different tips into a bulleted list and then expand on them a little. Of course, you could also do the reverse. Find 2 or 3 list type articles for your subject and change the format to a standard “text only” type article.

Rewriting PLR Articles

If you have not come across Private Label Rights (PLR) before then you have been missing out. These are products, usually but not only eBooks, that you buy PLR to, which then gives you the right to change the content as you see fit. Articles are perfect for this. It is possible to buy “bundled packs” of hundreds or even thousands of PLR articles across many niches.

You then have the right to use them as they are or rewrite them. Most marketers make the fatal mistake of NOT rewriting them and then wonder why the results are poor.

You should ALWAYS rewrite PLR articles for 2 simple reasons:

  1. You will not be the only person using that article
  2. The quality of the articles is not always the best

OK point 1 is self-explanatory, I guess. You may be wondering if the quality is not so great, why use PLR articles at all. Let me clarify that a little. By “not the best quality” I mean simple things like spelling or grammatical errors. You must remember that many (not all) such articles are written by people whose first language is not English. This keeps the cost down.

However, these things are easily fixed in less than a minute. The content itself is usually fine, i.e., the information is accurate. The main reason I love to use PLR articles is that.

it is far easier to correct/amend an existing article than it is to start writing with a blank screen.

Doing an actual rewrite is a quick process. I will give you a quick example. At the top of the next page is an actual PLR article from my collection – exactly as I received it.

In all fairness that is a rather good article. No spelling mistakes or grammatical errors that I can see :-). So, all we need to do now is just rewrite it a little. Here are a few things you can do when rewriting:

  • Use synonyms i.e., use different words that have the same meaning such as replace “obviously” with “naturally”
  • Change the word order of the sentence e.g., change “You can take golf holidays…” to “Golfing holidays can be taken…”
  • Remove content altogether
  • Add in your own content
  • Change part of the article from “text format” to “list format” or vice versa

Let me give you a perfect example of the last point from the above article. These 4 sentences from the 2nd paragraph are just crying out to be made into a bulleted list. I have highlighted the list items:

So, this is how the new rewrite might look.

It looks different to the original, but it is saying same thing, just in a slightly different format. Think about how you could further rewrite what I have written – the possibilities are endless.

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Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: “Chapter 12 – Software to Help You”

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