Marketing Rampage with Podcasts

Marketing Rampage with Podcasts

Taking Your First Baby Steps to Become a Podcaster

Marketing Rampage with Podcasts Taking Your First Baby Steps to Become a Podcaster Before you learn about how to podcast, it’s more important to think about WHAT to podcast.

After all, I will be teaching you a few methods to podcast, from the simple drop-dead method of podcast with no microphones for beginners to advanced methods.

Let’s take some baby steps to your first podcast.

– Spend a few minutes brainstorming some topics you are interested in. It doesn’t have to be new and brilliant content for your first podcast, it should simply be something you have a passion for.

For example, your hobbies. It is sailing, formula one, soccer, stamp collecting, scrap book etc.

– Narrow down to one or two topics that you really love.

– Spend a few minutes to brainstorm interesting facts that you know about those topics

– Group those facts together under one or two headings. For example, if you choose stamp collecting, you might want to talk about stamp books, storage, maintenance, etc.

This exercise will help to prepare you for your actual podcast, once you’ve learned the methods in “Marketing Rampage with Podcasts”.

Do I Need Expensive Equipment to Podcast?

If you’re just starting out in podcasting, you can easily create a podcast in seconds or minutes without even the use of a microphone.

The issue of podcasting equipment comes into play when you go from beginner to ‘pro’ and feel there is a need to use some podcasting equipment

Honestly, for podcasting, the equipment, should you wish to buy any, is only a microphone. And even then, you can probably get one for below $50 at most electrical shops.

What about software, you might ask?

Again, software only comes into play when you want to edit your podcast.

And the good news is, I’ve already included a very powerful Audio Recording Software that can record your voice and at the same time double up as an audio editing software.

Similar software like this easily sells for $197 but you’ll get it free with my e-book course “Marketing Rampage with Podcasts”. Sō, the answer is “No, you don’t need any expensive equipment to podcast”.

“How To Syndicate Your Podcast to Tens of Thousands of Ready Listeners”.

In one of my earlier lessons, I mention about the TV show “The Apprentice” by Donald Trump, one of USA’s leading businessman and tycoon.

Shift your attention from Donald Trump to the TV station.

How do you think the TV station makes money?

Why, from the air time that they charge companies for advertising, of course! Ever seen those commercial breaks during popular TV shows? I’m sure you have.

Now, imagine, if you had a way to slip in Your own Ad during the program for FREE, and exposing your message or advertisement to thousands of viewers.

What would that do to your business? I’d bet you’d be having a full day the next few days taking calls, inquiries or orders. Now, extend this concept to the world of Podcast. There IS a ready market due to the fact that there are MILLIONS of digital device owners.

Digital devices are basically your iPods, your Creatives, or other types of mp3 players. These people are searching the net all the time to download the latest audio materials to listen to.

With Podcast, like the TV station, you are now able to syndicate and advertise your message to tens of thousands of listeners, interested in the topic you’d like to discuss.

You’ll be able to reach out to new markets, gain new subscribers and new customers, with *ZERO* advertising fees.

Does that excite you?

In fact, we’ll be talking about “Niche Podcasting” but before that, let’s take a look at the different podcast formats. This will give you a better idea of the style you want to adopt when running your own podcast show.

Marketing Rampage with Podcasts

Marketing Rampage with Podcasts

 Regards, Coyalita

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