Marketing Rampage with Podcasts

Marketing Rampage with Podcasts

“Myths of Podcasting”

Marketing Rampage with Podcasts“Myths of Podcasting” In this lesson, I want to help you dispel some myths about Podcasting you might have or have come across.

Myth 1: Podcasting only works with iPods

As I’ve mentioned in Lesson 2, podcasts are not exclusive to iPod players only. You can listen to podcasts with basically any type of mp3 player out there in the market.

Myth 2: You need an iPod to create a Podcast

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Podcast is basically just an Audio mp3 file that you can create with any Audio recording device.

Myth 3: It’s difficult to create a Podcast

Heck, if you can sing in the shower, you can do this. In fact, it’s so simple even a musical drop out could do it.

I’ll show you how in my e-book course “Marketing Rampage with Podcasts”.

Myth 4: You need expensive equipment and software to create a Podcast.

Podcasts can be created using a simple, inexpensive microphone.

As for software, it’s meant for editing and actually if your podcast is very short, you might not need to do any editing at all.

Editing comes in when you want to ‘clean up’ your podcast, delete certain segments, add in some background music etc.

Myth 5: You need to know Blogs, RSS or HTML to Podcast.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Let me set the record straight. You don’t need to know anything about Blogs, RSS or HTML in order to podcast.

All you need is just your voice…plus a little interest and passion in the topic you’ve chosen. You can publish podcasts using Blogs, and that’s for advanced podcasters.

On the other hand, there is also a drop-dead simple way of podcasting, even without using a microphone. And no blogging is involved.

In fact, my course will reveal so many methods of podcasting that you’ll end up being spoilt for choice!

I hope I’ve managed to help dispel some myths you have about Podcast.

You should feel more confident now about creating your own Podcast.

“Five Ideas How Podcasting Can Help Your Online Business”.

So exactly how can podcasting help any online business?

When blogs first came onto the scene, it was thought of nothing more than a personal diary. It was not long, before companies realized the potential of blogs in:

– building client relationship,
– branding,
– getting their message out there
– syndicating their content and ultimately advertising their services and products through the use of Rss feeds, which was in-built into blogs.

If you are totally new to the world or concept of blogging & rss, you can download your free copy of “Blogs & Rss Revealed”, a 2 hour audio webinar which answers most commonly asked questions on blogs & rss. (

Think of it as a bonus for staying with me this far…

Ok, let’s come back to the topic of how podcasting can help your online business.

As can be seen, what started as a simple form of ‘personal diary’ soon evolved into a powerful marketing weapon.

It’s the same with podcasts. Podcasts are not just for music enthusiasts anymore. Companies and businesses understand the power of podcasts and how podcasts can help their business.

For example:

1. Companies like General Motors and Microsoft create podcasts that combine information and product news for people who may be interested, such as investors, car, computer buffs or industry analysts.

2. News channels, like CNN, put their headlines and some of the brief news stories into a podcasts format.

3. Radio stations have turned some of their programs into podcasts which they upload daily and make available to people who might enjoy the program but are unable to listen to it when it is initially broadcast over the airwave.

4. Museums, art galleries, and historical sites create broadcasts for users to listen to as they walk through, replacing the human guide that would do tours, and allowing an individual with a personal audio player to go through at their own pace.

5. The director of the sci-fi television show “Battlestar Galactica” creates a regular podcast to tell subscribers about the behind-the-scenes effort to make the show.

These are just some of the many, many examples of how businesses have started using podcasts to grow their business.

And you should too, in today’s information age, if you want to maintain your business at a competitive edge, and grow and expand.

And you need not worry about what to podcast or how to podcast. After why should you, when I’ve laid out an easy-to-follow system that can be mastered by anyone in less than one hour?

Regards, Coyalita 

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