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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing? When you need a hand at marketing your goods online, you would best get it from affiliate marketing. In simple terms, this involves a revenue-sharing venture between a site owner and an online merchant. The merchant’s products are promoted through the owner’s site by placing ads and links. 

As mentioned earlier, both parties share profits. How this is done depends
on the agreed upon method. They may use one of three ways.

o Pay-per-click – In this arrangement, a payout is made every time a
potential customer clicks on a link placed on the site. The amount that site
owners can earn here depends on the agreed-upon commission by both
parties. This amount may be transferred right away or through a regular

o Pay-per-sale – This time, profits are shared every time a customer makes
a purchase on the merchant’s site through an affiliate link. In return, an
affiliate might earn a commission based on a flat rate or a certain
percentage of the product’s price.

o Pay-per-lead – Every time someone registers on the merchant’s site as a
potential customers, affiliates earn a certain amount with this type of deal.

Marketing through affiliates benefits both parties. Merchants do not really
have to do anything in this arrangement. This also saves money since they
do not have to pay up if nothing is happening. On the other hand, site owners could use their revenues to maintain their site. With enough effort, some may even work as full-time affiliate marketers.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks as well. For instance, merchants
must be careful on which sites to market their product. Affiliates need to
be trustworthy enough not to drag their partners with bad publicity.
Commissions that are too small could also lead to bad business relationships
between merchant and affiliate.

Internet Marketing Mechanics

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