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What Is a Squeeze Page/Opt-In Page?

What Is a Squeeze Page/Opt-In Page? Discussed previously is the email marketing strategy. So, the question now is where do you get email addresses to make up your contact list? There are many ways, but one widely used effective method is the employment of a squeeze page.

To put it simply, a squeeze page is a simplified html or web page that
prompts a reader or potential customer to provide their name and email
address, sometimes only the latter. Several strategies are used to convince
the reader that providing his/her email address will be worth the while.

For example, some webmasters will offer freebies to those who will sign
up. This is where electronic products such as eBooks can come in handy.
You can keep giving the same eBook to every reader as long as you own
the copyright to the eBook, have rights to distribute it as such, or the
eBook comes with an unlimited re-distribution policy.

For marketers that are looking for subscribers, they may offer the reader a
month of free trial. Some may also give away coupons. The list can be

When making a squeeze page, it is advisable to keep things simple. The
text must be easy to read and important words and phrases must be given

Graphic design is also important to attract the reader. If your
offer is good, your reader will provide you with his/her contact information. That will become part of your contact list. You will be able to send updates,
product offers, and other promos in the future to these contacts.

Internet Marketing Mechanics

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