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What Is a Domain Name?

What Is a Domain Name? In setting up your own website, you want to choose the best domain name possible. Simply put, a domain name is to a website what an address is to a house. Common names often sell for a lot because of the high demand.

Like naming your baby, choosing a domain name for a website is
considered especially important. Many online entrepreneurs believe that it
is important for business, and it is. Producing a good one can take up to
weeks. There are even services that help companies choose their domain
names based on certain criteria.

Choosing a domain name is really a big deal especially for large companies. Apart from unregistered domain names, they can offer owners to buy out theirs for their use. In some cases, legal action may be used against people who hold on to a domain name just to get money out of it.

Making money out of domain names is also possible. Some choose to buy
and sell these according to their popularity. Some are even use, and
websites are built around them. Once it attracts a lot of traffic, they are
sold to the highest bidder.

Domain names are cheap but must be paid for every year. Paying in
advance is a popular choice among website owners because it makes the
The overall price is more reasonable. This fee is collected for name servers since domain registers do not own them.

If you miss payments, your domain may be listed as unregistered once
again. Someone else may swoop in and buy it.

Keep in mind that the domain name will serve as your online identity. As such, you want one that is easy to remember for name recall. Something that ranks well is also a clever idea.

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