How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet

How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet: A Second Case Study

How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet: A Second Case Study – Our first case study gave us a potential niche product in the realm of “tangibles”. We could follow that niche into profit either as an affiliate or by taking on the fulfillment duties ourselves.

Those are both great options, but the path of least resistance would have us develop an information product related to guitars.

Information products have the following advantages:

• Extremely low cost of development and delivery
• Hands-free, automated sales and fulfillment
• Ability to price the product higher than average, as perceptions of “Information value” are arbitrary.

The blindingly obvious choice for an information product in this category would be an e-book on “how to play guitar”.

You have a challenge on your hands, though. You’ve got to find a unique angle. There are hundreds of websites offering free guitar lessons. So, how do you position yourself to stand out from the crowd?

You must determine your unique selling proposition (USP).

Essentially, you’ve found your niche; but what are you going to offer to your market?

Are you going to teach them a particular style of guitar, like blues?

Are you going to show them how to play faster, learn faster, and master the art of improvisation or maybe a technique like finger-picking?

Each of those options could be called a niche. They are niches within the niche of guitar instruction.

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