How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet

How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet: Joint Ventures

How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet: Joint Ventures – Want to get up and run super fast? A joint venture might be the solution.

Joint ventures are simply business partnerships. Two or more businesses join together in order to share skills and resources. Each business receives some form of benefit from the venture in exchange for its contribution.

JV partners may exchange:

• financial leverage or capital
• products and services
• leads and prospects
• traffic
• sales
• publicity…

The list goes on.

The exact contribution of each partner depends on how the joint venture proposal is structured, and what goal is being sought after.

For example, let’s say you’ve just developed your first niche product. You need targeted traffic, leads and customers in order to grow and profit.

However, you find yourself short on capital. At first, you feel stuck. You can’t buy the advertising you want if you don’t have capital, and you can’t raise the capital through product sales if you have no way to advertise to potential customers.

You’re on the verge of giving up when, suddenly, you meet a fellow business owner with a different kind of problem.

He’s got a huge list of loyal customers just itching to buy more of his products. Yet, he finds himself in a creative slump. He needs a new product to market to his list, and he needs it now!

Luckily, it turns out that your product would be perfect for his list.

The two of you agree to do a joint venture together. He endorses your product to his list and sends you immediate traffic resulting in leads and sales. In return, you agreed to give him 60% of the gross profits you earned via his endorsement.

Your business gains momentum. His customers are happy, and his stress level is back to normal. You both earned a hefty profit. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.

Joint ventures can take many forms, and are not limited to the example above. You can trade just about any resource for any other resource provided that both parties are getting what they want.

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