How to Make Insane Profits Online the Magic of Upselling

How to Make Insane Profits Online the Magic of Upselling

You can use Resell Rights products to effectively upsell to your customers and increase your profits dramatically. (“buynow2 – walterjames777 – Google Search”)

Did you ever order a meal from McDonalds?

I am sure you have noticed that they always ask if you want something extra with your order.

“Would you like fries with that?”

“Would you like some dessert with that?”

Do you ever think of how much extra money this tactic produces for the store?

Let me tell you – lots!

So, what does this got to do with the resell rights business?

Well, you can do just the same…

Let us say that you sell a $47 valued eBook package. When your customer clicks through to your order page you can ask them for an upsell.

You may give them the option of purchasing an extra product for a special discount.

You could for example offer them a $47 valued eBook for only $17.

That is a saving for your customer of $30 but also an increase in profits for you – at no extra cost!

This marketing tactic is a real winner and owning the rights to a whole list of products gives you the ability to unleash this strategy for mind blowing profits.

Think about it for a minute.

If you click through to buy a product, and you see an offer like the one above and you know that this offer is only available now – decide whether you want to save $30 by getting the extra product or just get the initial product you wanted.

Few people can resist a bargain and many -if not mostwill choose to take the upsell.

This is the real magic of resale rights products.

TIP: When I started offering a “Gold Promotion Package” for my “Web Site and Ezine Promotion Made Easy” eBook (you can see how I set up the upsell offer here) many customers went for the Gold Package and my profits increased by three hundred%…

This is simply amazing – and do you know what?

I would not have been able to do it if I did not own all the resale rights products.

That is another advantage of resale rights products.

You can also create a best-selling product yourself… without doing any writing easy and affordable.

For instance… you can get the content for your own eBook by:

-Hiring a copy- or ghostwriter.

Keep in mind when you are hiring a copywriter that they should provide you original content and not just copy and paste from web sites. A good rule of thumb to go by is $5 per 500 – 1000-word article.

Remember that the initial investment that you make for any type of product that is downloadable, will pay you repeatedly without any extra costs.

(If you’d like to know what to look out for when you hire a ghostwriter, you should get a copy of the Ghostwriters From The Inside Out report.)

Here are some freelance sites where freelancers bid for your work. It does not cost you a penny to find out how much it costs to have something produced.

– Gather articles and compile them into an eBook.

It is perfectly legal to gather articles that you find for free and place them in eBooks that you sell or give away.

Just contact the authors of the article and tell them that you want to use their article in an eBook. Most authors will appreciate this.

I prefer this method because it does not cost any money. Make sure that the articles contain quality information so your readers will not be disappointed.

If your eBook delivers what you promise in the sales page, you will be ok.

If you are afraid of selling information that is available for free, let me tell you that people pay not only for information but for convenience.

They do not want to wade through tons of crappy content to find relevant content.

If you can find relevant content for them, then they will reward you with a “finder’s fee”.

Here are some places where you will find articles:

– Interview experts and create an eBook.

This is another straightforward way. There are many products currently selling interviews of experts.

The good thing is that most people who market online will feel proud to contribute to an eBook.

I know I do 😉

“How To Make Insane Profits Online”

The trick is to be original.

People get excited over new products that they can resell, because they are tired of seeing the same products circulating around.

If they hear about a new product with resell rights, it will really catch their attention.

TIP: In Resale Rights Secrets, Ewen Chia interviewed nineteen experts on resell rights marketing. I highly recommend you get a copy. You will discover amazing secrets and powerful strategies to outsell your toughest competition -especially if you are selling the exact same products as them!

This is the end of the report.

I hope you learned something from it…

… and if you did, do not forget to APPLY what you have learned. (“Blogger – Truth Seeker”)

Many business owners read a lot, but then forget to implement the innovative ideas in their business.

But of course, you are not like them, right? 😉

Anyway, thanks again for letting me be with you all the time, and I wish you all the best with your own resale business!


Best Wishes, Coyalita

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