How to Make Insane Profits Online Create Your Own eBook Package Easy

How to Make Insane Profits Online How to Create Your Own eBook Package Easy

The most important aspect for resell rights marketers is that they do not have to create their own product.

So… why not create your own products?

Now you wonder why you would create your own product when you are interested in reselling other people’s products?

Because its dead simple…

It comes down to bundling some resell rights products together in a unique way, creating a unique angle for selling it and then write a compelling sales page. (“Profit By Rebranding Master Resell Rights’ EBooks – EBook”) That is exactly what I did when I created the Instant Niche Turnkey Package.

You can use your imagination and create your own theme. The more you niche (segment) your topics, the better your product will sell.

Here are four other important reasons to set up your own niche eBook package:

  • You can barter your own package to obtain other resell rights products.
  • You can customize your own package for joint venture partners.
  • You have no restrictions on how you want to promote your package.
  • You can enhance your ability to promote resell products and affiliate programs by offering your package as bonuses.

Another example of a niche package is the eBay Extreme collection. I searched for some old eBooks about eBay on my hard disk, checked to see if the content was still up to date, and then I compiled a package from these eBooks.

I announced the new package to an eBay related Opt-In list that I had built in the past and started selling copies within minutes.

TIP: It is simple to turn an old eBook into a hot selling Info-Product. I did it in less than 1 hour, and now this eBook works like an automated profits generator, without me lifting one finger. If you want to find out how I did it, here is the download link to the free report.

Do you see how it works?

You select some quality eBooks with Resell Rights about a certain subject, bundle your own package, create a sales page, and wham… there you have another unique product from which to make profits. (“Profit By Rebranding Master Resell Rights’ eBooks – eBook”)

Print out the following line, and spell it on your PC monitor…

A Unique Offer + An Attractive Sales Page + A Targeted List = SALES!

You can offer resell rights to your package, barter your package for other products with resell rights, offer your package as an upsell, offer your product as a bonus, the possibilities are endless.

“How To Make Insane Profits Online”

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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