Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website

Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website: Buying Banner Ads

Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website: Buying Banner Ads- Banner ads are now assimilated within the framework of what a visitor expects on a site.

Buying banner ads on other sites provides exposure for your site. Doing so on industry-related or product-related sites further enhances the potential to generate traffic. Banners usually hold a link back to the site it is promoting.

Also, it helps build brand recognition of the site being promoted. A banner is an advertisement in itself, and people usually pay attention to and remember banners. This then represents a wonderful opportunity to brand and present a site.

Participating in banner exchange programs

This premise follows upon the same reasoning as banner ads and is the easiest effective option to follow.

Banner exchange programs increase exposure and visibility on the Net, as well as providing branding opportunities.

Such programs work on a swap ratio of 2:1 usually. Typically, if a banner is being shown on your site, for every 50 views on your site, in return, your own banner will be posted on 25 other sites.

Participating in a WebRing

A WebRing allows a site to connect to other sites in its niche. Exposure is maximized and effective in this way as the ring is for the same industry/area of your site.

webring (or web ring) is a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure, and usually organized around a specific theme, often educational or social.

They were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, particularly among amateur websites.

To be a part of the webring, each site has a common navigation bar; it contains links to the previous and next sites. By selecting next (or previous) repeatedly, the user will eventually reach the site they started at; this is the origin of the term webring.

However, the select-through route around the ring is usually supplemented by a central site with links to all member sites; this prevents the ring from breaking completely if a member site goes offline.

A webring is managed from one website which is able to omit the websites that have dropped out or are no longer reachable. The advantage of a webring is that if the user is interested in the topic on one website, they can quickly connect to another website on the same topic.

Webrings usually have a moderator who decides which pages to include in the webring. After approval, webmasters add their pages to the ring by ‘linking in’ to the ring; this requires adding the necessary HTML or JavaScript to their site.

Sites usually join a webring in order to receive traffic from related sites. When used to improve search engine rankings, webrings can be considered a search engine optimization technique.

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