Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website

Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website: SEO: Keyword/Phrase Placement

Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website: SEO: Keyword/Phrase Placement– This feature has already been mentioned above, but it pays to always reiterate this fact – good placement in search engine results pages help to generate more traffic as the exposure and visibility of the site and its offerings are enhanced through such a process.

Using keywords is the key here, no pun intended. Concise and related keywords will help to funnel the search to your site, despite competitors’ presence as it has geared the search to find it more easily.

Keywords should also be well chosen. Generation, locations and slang may play a part in here, as different people may not use the same word to define a product or information. Providing a varied list of keywords helps cover this base nicely.

Optimizing pages themselves for SEO placement (keywords, working links, tags) further enhances the probability of good placement on results pages.

Another option could be to generally increase the number of keywords and their recurrence on the site as a whole.

Tracking keywords

It is important to scan the data of traffic analysis to find which keywords are more popular and which are allowing the site to receive more visits.

Identifying them can then lead the marketer or business owner to optimize the use of this keyword to make it even stronger in its positioning.

In addition, those less-popular keywords could be identified and then removed from the content, to allow more space for the keywords that should be optimized.

List with directories

This feature can enhance visibility and exposure on the Net.

Listing with directories that target the same industry or field of the site can also enhance its placement on the web and in clients’ minds.

Social exposure

There are a lot of social networking sites on the web, as well as specific networks for an industry or niche.

Find which networks cater to the sector of the market or industry your site falls in and register with them. These networks usually allow the registered user to create a profile for himself.

Use this profile to present your site, as well as the products or content offered. Where possible, and if the network allows it, feature a link to your website on your profile page. An intriguing profile coupled with a link to the main site will tickle many potential visitors.


Links work by providing paths from other places and platforms.

Links to your site can be placed on industry-specific or product-specific sites. It is always a good idea to contact the big-name- websites to ask if they are willing to feature a link to your site.

Exchanging links is also another good option. In return for featuring someone’s link, this person features your link too on his site.

Links exchange programs also work upon the same premise.

An aspect often overlooked is the ability to link within the site itself. This increases the likelihood of navigating within the site, thus enhancing page views. This can be extremely useful to content-based sites. Product-based sites can also use the same strategy to present other products that may interest a visitor.

Buying text links

Using such links on a page enhances its potential to be picked up by search engines.

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