Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Good old affiliate promotion, the lifeblood of many businesses: underestimated or ignored by many more.

In this manual, I want to take you on a journey through the inner workings of a well-oiled affiliate program.

We’ll talk about everything from the importance of running such a system, through to getting affiliates promoting when you want them to, and some stats for you to have a look at that will squash any doubt that this is one of the most profitable aspects of online business, and I’ll make sure to get at least one interactive quiz in there to make things a more interesting read, and to test your knowledge.

Even if you don’t have an affiliate program set up for your own business yet, give it a shot. Skim over it at least. It’s not hard to understand or set up once you have the facts, not to mention the mighty profit potential it puts at your disposal.

So, grab a cup of your favorite drink, sink into your most comfortable chair, and let’s get started.

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside…

Overview of Affiliate Management

Affiliate Program Management

Setting the Scene

Why Don’t You Set It Up? I Asked Them

What Makes You Any Different?

Dashing the Affiliate Promotion Doubts

Not an Overnight Task – But It’s Fast

Your First Questions Should Be…

Analyzing Your Offer Objectively

A Short Quiz. Are You A Good Analyzer?

It’s All About Adding Value

The Special Rules

A Brief Look at Innovation


Overview of Affiliate Management

● To give you up front knowledge about how to effectively and profitably maintain your business’ affiliate system before the first affiliate even lands on your doorstep.

● To demonstrate how powerful affiliate marketing is, and why no marketer should be without it.

● To look at some figures of product sales and profit both with and without affiliate programs functioning. How effective is this? You decide.

● To open your mind when it comes to setting your commissions and understand the concept of reaping resources being far more powerful than any small percentage you can keep from your affiliates.

● To discuss the inner workings of affiliate sales through commission level setting for your business, taking into account the money-making power you’re going to build for yourself.

● To show you how to overcome the problem of affiliates not promoting your products for you.



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