The 5-Step System

The 5-Step System

By Anik Singal

How I Built a Passive Online Income Using Nothing but Email

Here’s the stone-cold reality:
• If you take no action, nothing will happen.
• If you take little action, extraordinarily little will happen.
• But I’ve got good news for you: I’ve spent years working on a master blueprint for Email Marketing.

Sure, I’ve made my share of mistakes. I’ve learned a ton of lessons. Along the way, I’ve tested, polished and perfected this system.

I’m ready to share this amazing system with you RIGHT NOW! Read on…

When I first got my start over 14 years ago, I thought that I had to create a complex, technically advanced system to be successful. Made sense to me. After all, if you could make lots of money with a simple, tech-free system…

Wouldn’t everyone already be successful and wealthy?

I’ve since learned that most people have a huge fear of technology.

It’s actually a mind block. That’s why so few people are able to get an online business off the ground.

The reason Email Marketing is the easiest system ever is that you really don’t need technology.

You don’t need experience.

Everything’s practically already done for you. Plus, it’s all automated.

You actually have your choice of 2 ways:

1. You can use multiple tools out there that are so simple and super automated, Or…
2. You can use our Launch Pad system that literally does it ALL for you in one single place.

Rather than researching and hunting for the best tools out there, it’s all in Launch Pad.

The 5-Step System Contents:

  • The One Word That Has Built Me Multiple 7-Figure Businesses: Email
  • Why This System Is the Easiest Online Business System Ever Created
  • This Report is Just the Beginning…
  • How This 5-Step System Is Changing Lives…
  • Examples of Major Paydays I’ve Created with Just Email…
  • The $300,000 Tool I Built Just for You…
  • Step #1: The Only 1-Page Website Ever Needed
  • Step #2: Create a Great Free Gift
  • Step #3: Choose a Winning Affiliate Offer
  • Step #4: Write Your Emails
  • Step #5: Maybe the MOST Important — Driving Traffic
  • How These 5 Steps Made Me $1.1 Million in 12 Days…
  • What’s Next…
  • Let Us Team Up with You & Hold Your Hand

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Please note. The eBook is in PDF. file format. You need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read the eBook. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it at It’s completely FREE.

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