Rise From the Bottom to Profits

Rise From the Bottom to Profits

Rise From the Bottom to Profits – Hello world my name is Leo Sotelo born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. As I stumbled  onto my journey of entrepreneurship I knew the road was going to be tough. I don’t know anyone personally who has wanted to take the challenge.

During my time of high school days I was told like many others the whole scoop of bright promising words that I will land a good job and have a great life. It took me a while to learn that wasn’t going to happen, I bounced around from job to job for more than thirty jobs since high school which sadly but gladly made me grateful for not having any children, “my own point of view”.

I grew up knowing the street life so entrepreneurship was in my blood but I needed advancement. First book I turned to was Think and Grow Rich “Napoleon Hill”. The book caught my interest opening doors in my brain expanding my potential. Like I mentioned earlier I didn’t know anybody personally to help me, I dedicated myself alone.

Now I am able to write this book and share it with the world because I think my story can help others in many ways get motivated, stay motivated, shoot for goals and not to worry about what the average mind thinks about you. I decided to create my company W.O.L.1 the title is short for We Only Live Once due to all my experiences with death, which I will share later.

Let’s get started.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

This is a popular quote, if you are reading this it is because you are tired of your 9-to-5 job. You’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, you wonder why you work so hard and cannot get ahead. I know what it’s like, our school systems taught us to be employees.

Leave the 40-40-40 plan, which means 40+ hours a week 40+ years of your life and hopefully retire off 40% of your retirement. This is scary especially in this time in life. If you have grown inside a wealthy family who has money and everything set aside already this article is not for you.

While at work on breaks and a lunch watching YouTube videos  on motivation. Not knowing the power of YouTube at that moment but I will get to that later. Picking books to read to open up the doors in the brain on what potential the man or woman have to succeed in this world.


We hear this word come up a lot in our minds, it takes a while to learn it. Because of the way that we were taught to go to school, get a job working way up the corporate ladder and all the other nice talk.

I was reading this book called pitch anything. Now I am not
promoting it in any way, however the man who wrote the book really put it in detail on how the human mind works.

According to the book they talk about the crock brain and the  neocortex part of the brain. The croc brain is considered the scarcity it represents someone who always takes caution and everything he or she does. The neocortex is the part of the brain that is more advanced, takes risk and is open to opportunity.

After reading the book I decided to study this a little bit because I and few others I knew were working on our mindsets to get it put in the right functioning order. You see people do it all the time and never fully dive deep into them. You have all these entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Grant Cardone, Oprah Winfrey, And the list goes on.

Thinking like a consumer and thinking like an investor.

The mindset of a consumer is someone who is constantly buying stuff that’s not going to benefit him or her. For example, there are people out there who want to get out of their 9 to
5 job they’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck but they continue buying things that are not going to benefit them in any way for the future.

Buying liabilities when a person can’t really afford to be doing this but just to show off, they go out and get a brand-new car. It feels great to get a brand-new car especially if you have not had a car and you’ve been taking the bus or you’re upgrading from your old car that keeps breaking down.

Mainly is what you’re doing, you are buying things that he’s not going to help you get out of your situation. Yes it’ll get you to the job but if you were trying to get out of that job this is going to get you to another job. We all have to work to provide for our priorities.

Keep in mind this is for that person who is tired of trading time for dollars. I know many out there who love their jobs and are grateful to be back at work. Out of my experience I have had many jobs that I am glad I left when I left because I was not going nowhere.

The mindset of the investor/entrepreneur, many men and women stepping into this field have read books studied with like-minded others. They are ready to go, they continue taking courses getting involved with masterminds.

Non-like the crock brain they use the neural cortex. Taking risk investing in the right education to get them going. We sacrifice a lot, partying, staying up late, going to sleep late. We do what we have to do to learn and do not let anyone get in the way.

Read Much More Inside…

Chapter 1 Start Up Mode.

Chapter 2 Life Will Continue The Same. If You Don’t!

 Chapter 3 Advancing Change.

Chapter 4 What Was Learned

Chapter 5 Turn your Instagram Followers into Customers.

Chapter 6 Fight the Person in the Mirror.

Chapter 7 Ways To Make Your Website User Friendly.

Chapter 8. Recommended tools.

Chapter 9 Online Journey

Chapter 10 Why Copywriting Is Important.

Chapter 11 10 steps to creating your YouTube channel 2020

Chapter 12 The Mixer

Chapter 13 Entrepreneurs Visions.

Chapter 14 Wholesaling Real Estate.

Chapter 15 What To Do If You Don’t Have A Mentor!

Chapter 16 What’s the passion of your purpose in life?


I hope you enjoy this book, the reason why I wrote this book is because I know how it is to have fear stepping into a new world of opportunity and not have guidance. I know this pandemic has made a lot of people want to learn.

There is competition out there, it does feel good to know that you woke up or you were doing some kind of other activity and you made sales. It is possible it does take patients.

Once you start noticing that you’re making sales the excitement comes in and you want toscale it. That’s why I added all those websites.

This business takes time, it takes work and potentially investment. There are some free strategies you can use out there but the more tools you have in your bag the easier the work will become.

I want to thank you for reading the book, and if you have any questions I will be leaving my contact information below. The best advice I have for you is that once you start, do not stop.

The Internet is huge and there is so much potential out there. Keep hustling no matter what because once you stop there’s always someone else who is using that time for their creation.

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