Outsourcing Survival Kit

Outsourcing Survival Kit

Tired Of Being Tied Down by Time? Wish You Could Achieve More and Earn More Within the Deadlines You Are Given? Want To Branch Out to Other Lucrative Areas Without Sacrificing Your Current Business?

Introducing The First, And The Only, Bible On Digital Outsourcing That Is Guaranteed To Be The Premiere Reference Material For Many Success Stories In The Years To Come. Will You Choose To Become One Of Those Success Stories?

Outsourcing Survival KitA Matter of TimeThe Value of Outsourcing – There are only 24 hours in a day.

Let’s say that on average, a person will spend 6 hours sleeping and recharging his mental and physical faculties for the rigors of the coming day. This would leave him with 18 more hours by which he could do what he has to do, right?

But things aren’t that simple. Say, 3 out of those remaining 18 spent with the necessary stuff, like taking a bath and other grooming rituals, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and other incidental snacks, and intermittent rests throughout the day. This would leave us with 15 more hours to spare.

But to allot those 15 hours to work exclusively would be inhumane. Certainly, sometime must be spent on our social needs, like talking to or visiting a loved one, spending quality time with friends and family, or merely taking some time off to keep in touch with ourselves, something we all need from time to time. Say, we spend 5 hours doing these things. This would leave us with 10 more hours.

Now 10 hours is enough for a common employee, or even a businessman for that matter.

But not for a successful Internet marketer!

This is a fact that you have probably realized during your experience in Internet marketing: time is gold in this industry. Time means money in this field. The difference between dozens of sales and a poor conversion rate, or the fabulous execution of a business idea and the fatal omission of an integral detail, can all boil down to a matter of seconds that were deprived from you.

Imagine what more you could do with those few seconds. A more mature deliberation of the choices that were presented perhaps might have led to a better decision? Or maybe more time to review a product before it was delivered, hence a better crack at customer satisfaction?

Imagine further if you had a few more hours to spare. You could have spent them on conceptualizing more moneymaking products. Or you could have developed more effective strategies that would have catapulted your business to the next level. Or you could have researched some new markets which you could have exploited for more profit.

Imagine even further if you had actual days saved. You could have branched out to other lucrative fields, created more products that could have raked in more income, devised new and amazing systems that could have built good relationships with your clients.

Or you could have spent that time with your family, playing with your kids, enjoying a vacation at a cozy lakeside cabin where your only worries would have been the efficiency of the lures you had bought from the local angling store.

You could have done a load of things with the time you spent dealing with the intricacies of your business all by yourself!

With each second lost, an opportunity goes down the drain. This is how valuable time is in Internet marketing. Let’s face it, as much as other sectors envy this field because we have the luxury of working out of the comforts of our own homes, they know little about the many sacrifices we have to make just to be successful at what we do.

We are beholden to no fixed schedule, and with our drive to see our enterprise flourish, we, more often than not, end up spending most of the day cracking our noggins in front of the monitor, processing orders, writing eBooks, special reports and articles for our viral marketing campaigns, inventing new products to offer, processing orders, researching the newest trends, preparing content for our pages, writing entries for our blogs, contacting business partners, studying our website  statistics, promoting what we have to offer, and a whole lot of countless other things.

All of these can be so overwhelming that we are not even left with the opportunity to reassess where we are. Hence, we sometimes forget that we’re but one man (or woman,) and we can only do so much.

You’re Actually Losing Money In Doing Things By Yourself

The thought of hiring some help may have crossed your mind at some point. However, some consideration stopped you from pursuing such a thought. You may have considered the idea a little expensive.

Or perhaps you want a more hands-on approach to things that pertain to your business, a self-imposed quality control so to speak, that you can’t easily trust others to do the job that has served you well.

Or maybe you just wanted things to be in their correct order. You wanted things to be done your way. After all, only we can pave our own way to success, and this road is so intimately crafted that you don’t want anyone else traversing it.

These are all perfectly valid reasons, of course, but here’s a food for thought…

Do you know that you’re actually losing some earnings because of your insistence on doing things yourself?

As we’ve discussed earlier, opportunities are lost every second that you are forced to stay away from other necessities of your business.

These opportunities could translate to more earnings for you, if only you had the chance to pursue them. Sadly, with all the demands of having your own business, more so your own online business, these opportunities have become necessary sacrifices for the sustenance of your venture.

But what if there’s a way to make things work? What if there exists a method that would allow you to take care of the things you have to do, and to explore the things you want to do?

Well, dear friend, there is a way, and it’s called outsourcing.

Here’s What’s Included 

What Is Outsourcing?

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing In Today’s World

Delegating Delegations Outsourcing Outlined and Some Preliminary Strategies

The Working Outline


Outsourcing Destinations

Finding A Freelancer Factors to Consider in Choosing an Outside Service Provider

Step One: Know the Job You Wish to Delegate

Step Two: Know Where to Find a Freelancer

Step Three: Choosing the Perfect Freelancer

Step Four: Protect Yourself

Work for Hire Contract

Confidentiality Agreement

Step Five: Start Small

The Bidding Sites Survival Guide How to Get the Best Deal Out of Rentacoder, Elance, And Scriptlance

The Rentacoder Survival Guide

Accepting A Bid from A Coder

Placing Escrow Payment

Reviewing The Deliverables


Final Steps

The Elance Survival Guide

The Scriptlance Survival Guide

In A Nutshell…

Conclusion Time Is Ticking… Outsourcing In Retrospect

So, hop aboard, dear friend, and allow The Outsourcing Survival Kit to drive you to the Promised Land.

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