Outsourcing Secrets

Outsourcing Secrets

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Dear Friend,

As your business expands, which is a good thing, you know the greatest challenge is not traffic, search engine optimization or anything else at this current moment.

It is to find people who are willing to perform the menial and mundane tasks that you don’t want to face because your focus is on building your own business…not wasting time on the menial.

Ask yourself this though – If your business has just taken off, are you willing to sacrifice a little bit of cash to invest in building yourself a stable, solid team of part time employees?
If your answer is No, consider this:

Your business expands and money flows in. But you’ll have to keep on updating your blogs and search for new content to do so.

– When it comes to writing you sales letters, you struggle and waste a whole day to do when an experienced copywriter could settle within 3-4 hours. 

– You spend a week or 2 attempting to create your new product, build up the squeeze pages, sales letter, back end pages and loads more.

– Customers who have problems with your product or service take up tickets and wait for an eternity for you to solve their problems only to demand a refund in anger later.

– Slowly, bit by bit, your regular customers stop buying from you in frustration because your product and after-sales service dropped drastically.

Could all of this have been avoided? You bet! 

You see, not only the gurus, but many seasoned marketers outsource the mundane and tedious tasks to experienced freelancers to handle. You’re not talking just copy writing and web design, but even areas such as content creation, programming and more!

The problem is, where do you find affordable freelancers and how can you get the best deal out of them? 

Well, that’s not a problem, thanks to a unique guide I created specially to help novice marketers like yourself deal with such a pressing issue.


As an online entrepreneur, you will learn how to effectively outsource your business to the right people you can trust without coughing up crazy amounts of money at all!

There are heaps of things you’ll need to be aware of when outsourcing your work to others, for example: 

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll discover in this amazing guide: 

The main benefits of hiring freelancers over having perm staff

The various flexible methods of paying your freelancers that could save you a fortune!

The little communication issues that need to be resolved if you want to find a good freelancer

Some unusual but effective methods to gauge if a freelancer is the right person for the job

Places you can easily find affordable and top notch freelancers  

Factors to consider when out sourcing your business to a capable virtual assistant 

Simple tricks and tactics to keep your outsourced team motivated to give their 110% for you

Where to find good content writers and how to have them produce exactly what you want. 
Why programmers are harder to hire and important points to keep in mind when hiring them
One method to make sure you don’t lose money and time if a programmer messes up on you
Digging the right places for quality, top notch copywriters to hire at an affordable price!
An organization your designer needs to be familiar with before he gets your contract…


And much, much more!

There are of course professional courses in the offline world that will show you how to effectively outsource your business and related matters like that but according to my knowledge, they won’t come cheap. In fact, the lower-priced ones come in the hundreds of dollars.

The good news, however, is that I don’t intend to charge that much because I want to help the newbie marketer and I don’t see the point of making them struggle even harder.

Not to mention the fact that I look forward to your testimonials and long-term support.

So, after some consideration, I’m offering this comprehensive, no B.S guide to you for the low one-time price of:


In fact, even after you’ve gotten your hands on this guide, you can always return it if you feel it doesn’t quite work out, thanks to the:

Look at it this way: $17 is a painless drop in the bucket when you could save up to hundreds of dollars with the secrets and advice found in this detailed guide!

By the way, $17 is my introductory price but once I find too many people getting their hands on this solid guide the price will increase. That’s a given.

You know that as an online entrepreneur, the only way to go is up. Any other way and you could be forced to close your business or go back to your previous life in a J-O-B. And you don’t want that, do you? 

That’s where you’ll need to know how to outsource correctly and effectively…and all the hidden gems of doing so are all compiled into this one easy-to-implement guide that you won’t want to miss on.

Stop wasting time and money on looking for help in all the wrong places, and… Click on the order now button below NOW!

Yours Sincerely,


P.S The Internet is full of bogus freelancers and scammers, so if you’re looking at having someone work on your projects and money-making ventures, you’ll need to select someone who can do a fantastic job and you can trust. And this amazing guide is all you’ll ever need in order to do so…so click here to order it before the price goes up!

P.P.S: Why hesitate? With the 30-day money back guarantee there’s no way you could lose in this situation! Make your move now!

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