Marketing Rampage with Podcasts

Marketing Rampage with Podcasts

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The term “podcasting” was coined in 2004 and in just a few months it went from being an unknown concept and an uninvented word to a Google-search result in the millions!

Podcasts are springing up nearly every day, like weeds. But good weeds!

The idea of sending files of sound over the Internet is not new.

It was just a matter of taking existing elements, like MP3 and RSS, and reworking them to allow technological visionaries to create a new form of communication.

Personal web journals called web logs, or “blogs” have been around for a while so people could voice opinions and provide information to others.

People use these blogs as a personal platform so it was only natural to add files of sound to their textual offering.

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Coming back to the topic of podcasting…

Blogs started gaining popularity in 2004 and people were using RSS to syndicate their blog contents. RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” was a file format that can also be used for sending sound but was not extensively used.

Later on the RSS technology was further enhanced to allow someone to attach MP3 files.

When attached to an RSS file, these sound files could be sent automatically to subscribers, people who were interested in hearing what the person had to say, and downloaded to be heard at their convenience.

Now everyone is jumping on board the podcasting bandwagon from politicians, pundits, professionals, producers, and even pornographers.

Anyone with something to say or a product or service to sell or an opinion to share can podcast… and many already are!

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside…

“History of Podcasting”

“‘Dummies’ Definition of Podcasting”

“Myths of Podcasting”

“Five Ideas How Podcasting Can Help Your Online Business”.

“Top Five Reasons Why You Should Podcast”

“What Is A Podcast Aggregator?”.

Taking Your First Baby Steps To Become A Podcaster

Do I Need Expensive Equipment To Podcast?

“How To Syndicate Your Podcast To Tens of Thousands of Ready Listeners”.

Different Podcast Formats

Secrets To A Successful Podcast

Podcast To Your Niche

How To Make Money with Podcasts

Putting It All Together

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