How to Become a Blogger In 24 Hours or Less

“How To Become a Blogger In 24 Hours or Less”

…By Easily Unlocking The Power of the Most Popular Free Blogging Software in the World Called WordPress

(Even If You Don’t Have a Technical Bone in Your Body)

From the Desk of Coyalita

Dear Friend,

If you’ve always wanted to be a blogger…

…but you don’t know where to start…

…then this will be the most important webpage you ever read.

The Other Day My Mom Asked Me How She Could Set Up a Blog

She said that…

►She wanted to get a blog up and running fast

►She wanted to be able to post content

►She wanted to be able to add pictures

►She wanted to be able to link to things

►She wanted to have a good-looking blog she could be proud of

So, I Started Telling Her How

I told her about Content Curation, SEO, plugins and software…

Her mind wandered as I told her…

Why didn’t she care?

Maybe it’s because all she wanted to do was get a blog up and runningand skip everything else.

That’s When I Got the Idea to Create These 17 WordPress Tutorial Videos

These are the most basic WordPress videos you will ever watch.

They are designed to get you up and running fast.

After you watch these videos, you’ll know how to operate a blog.

Plain and simple.

Nothing complicated.

You’ll Have Your Blog and Your 1st Post Up TODAY

Because in 17 quick videos, you’ll discover:

►How to install WordPress quickly and easily

►How to add images to WordPress

►The difference between a Post and a Page

►How to find free themes for your WordPress site

►How to style your content pages with bolding, italics, and underlining

►How to insert hyperlinks into your content

►How to find and install plugins on your WordPress site

►How to add a YouTube video to your content page

►How to set Permalinks for your site

►How to set your General Settings

►How to modify your sidebar widgets

►How to add new users to your site

►How to add new categories

►How to add new links to your blogroll

►How to set up your site so it’s more secure

►How to strengthen your password

►How to adjust Discussion settings

Imagine Becoming a Blogger in Less than 24 Hours from Now


You’re blogging about your favorite subject.

The next thing you know, your post goes viral.

The Comments are Pouring In

Other bloggers are complementing you for your insightful post.

They are sharing their opinions on YOUR blog.

In short… You’re welcomed into the blogosphere with open arms.

Suddenly You Have All These New Friends Online with Similar Interests

You’re visiting their blogs.

You’re commenting on their posts.

You’ve discovered how fun it can be connecting with others on the internet through blogging.

And I forgot to mention you can make commissions from Google AdSense ads on your blog.

To Get Your First Blog Up and Running Within 24 Hours from Now…

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