Explosive Pay Per Click with AdWords

First, I want to extend a very warm welcome to the PPC Accelerator AdWords Mini E-book!

What’s the difference between this Mini E-book? Why should you read it? This is the deal:

In this E-book I’m going to focus on boosting your AdWords Performance. In doing
that I’ll expose you to several advanced techniques that are sure to save you money, save you time and most importantly make you money. Providing you utilize
them properly.

I’ll be really powering up your campaigns by also improving your site conversion! By optimizing your ‘Landing Page’.


  • Introduction
  • The Secret to Monster Keyword Lists
  • AdWords Groups Plural
  • Save On Your AdWords Budget
  • Explosive AdWords Copywriting
  • Optimizing Your Landing Page
  • The AdWords Guru Secret – Dynamic Keywords Pt1
  • Tailor Your Site Copy to Each Visitor – Dynamic Keywords Pt2
  • N/A see page 17
  • That Code! – Dynamic Keywords Pt3
  • N/A see page 17

Few AdWords users consider their landing page. Big mistake!

If you follow what I disclose in this E-book you will see an explosion in your ROI (Return on Investment). Guaranteed!

After all this is about sales or leads not just traffic.

Now I have some promises I am going to make to you:

I will improve your keywords; improve your ad copy, cut your budget and
simultaneously improve your CTR and ad position.

there will be no hype in the PPC Accelerator Mini E-book. Techniques mentioned
here are mentioned because they work and mere mortals can make them work.

If I recommend something to you, it will be because it is REALLY good. Not
because I am getting paid to tell you about it.

If you stick with me, I am going to show you a whole host of the insider secrets
that I know, advanced stuff that I’ve picked up over the last 3 years of using the AdWords system.

 I might cover some very advanced stuff, but I’ll make it understandable.

Does that sound like a deal?

Bottom line, stick with me and I will show you a REAL-WORLD way to explode your Pay Per Click profits.

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