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Content Marketing Course

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Content Marketing Course – People talk about content marketing and how you need “great content”. But how, exactly, does one create “great content”, especially with limited resources, and often in competitive and unsexy industries?

What works for a professional sports team, car dealership, or celebrity might not work for you, any more likely that their clothes would fit you or that you’d heal from taking the same medication someone else has.

Outsourcing “content marketing” to a third party is just as bad, since they don’t know your business or strategy, or your unique combination of goals, content, and targeting. Nothing is as authentic as the voice of a happy customer. That’s the solution to your content marketing: to collect and amplify this voice at scale.

The sum of the stories being told by your customers, staff, and partners is your content marketing. This course gives you a step-by-step process to harness the power that you already have.

Discover the 6 phases of “Authority Collection”, which is the key to content marketing efforts that drive traffic and sales, not merely X posts per day.

Content Marketing Phase 1

Set up your blog and website. 2-4 hours for a basic site
Choose topics that interest you. 10-15 minutes
Set up Google Alerts on each topic. 5-10 minutes
Create your article library to keep track of where and when you post. 15 minutes
Make a content calendar (see page 20) for your posting schedule. 15-30 minutes
Find blogs to comment on with thoughtful insights to grow your network. 30 minutes
Read the Dollar A Day Course and complete all checklist items. 2 hours

Content Marketing Per-Article

Check Google Alerts for your topics, taking screenshots of interesting points for you to write about. 10 minutes
Write a rough draft. 2-4 hours
Craft a killer headline. 5 minutes
Place links to other thoughtful content throughout your article. 10 minutes
Format/edit your article to make it easier to read. 15-30 minutes
Create multiple variants of your content via the 4-1-1 rule. 30-60 minutes.

Content Creation Phase 1 Checklist
Familiarize yourself with the core mechanics of internet marketing analysis.
Choose some topics that interest you.
Set up Google Alerts on these topics.
Create an account on LinkedIn and do a search for your name.
Comment on blogs and build your network.
Write your article draft.
Proofread/use an editing service to tighten up your article.
Link to thought-provoking content with relevant anchor text.
Dress up your article with formatting and summarize key points.
Give your article a snappy title.
Categorize your post and add keywords.
Post and promote your article, keeping track of it in a Content Library.
Work out a posting routine and stick to it!

Content Operations Checklist

Once your content machine is running smoothly and is ready to scale, you’ll use paid social advertising to get your articles noticed by influential people.

Have your content quoted by a major newspaper/publication (EX:
Hire a content marketing minion– virtual assistants and/or young adults.
Build a content calendar and process.

Blog Posting Process

Video Guide: Create a blog post using WordPress.

To write and publish a blog post,

1. Collate the websites and accounts that you will be publishing to.
2. Obtain the proper login credentials for all websites and accounts in Blitz Metrics Access Spreadsheet.

For this example, we will be posting to Dennis Yu’s blog:

3. Visit the login URL, which should take you to the WordPress user panel, where you can input the username and password:

4. Once in, you will be greeted with the dashboard. If you hover over “Posts” on the left-hand side, you will be presented with different options:

To add a new post, click “Add New”. It will take you to a new post page.

5. Enter the post title and then inside of the body, paste the draft in from the source you’re editing from. For this example, we are using Google Docs.

6. You will notice that pictures are not present after you pasted the draft in WordPress.


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