Building a Business Case for Online Appointment Scheduling & Customer Engagement

Building a Business Case for Online Appointment Scheduling & Customer Engagement

Exceptional Customer Experience is
Essential for Businesses Today

Building a Business Case for Online Appointment Scheduling & Customer EngagementThe 4 Ps of Marketing From retail to professional services, and from banking to healthcare—a majority of companies have traditionally believed that business success and customer loyalty could best be ensured through mastery of the classic “4 Ps of marketing”:

1. Product
2. Price
3. Place
4. Promotion

As buyers and decision makers have become better informed and more empowered (through web-driven communications),
modern business success is increasingly tied to the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.

The IBM 2016 Global Customer Experience Index (CEI) suggests that the 4Ps have been replaced by what it calls “The 4Cs”:

1. Consistency
2. Content
3. Convenience
4. Context

As the Executive Summary of the IBM CEI reads:

Businesses and “consumers want consistency across
all touchpoints, meaningful content on which to make
decisions, flexible interactions and personally relevant

By aligning company processes, systems and employee priorities toward the delivery of exceptional customer experiences, companies can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and positive brand perceptions, as well as grow employee effectiveness and revenues.

Appointments Enable the Conversations
that Drive Business and Customer Engagement

Whether they take place in person, over the phone or online, conversations between an organization’s representatives and those they serve (prospects, customers, partners, others) are  essential to establish business relationships, sell and deliver goods and services, and provide ongoing customer support.

Unfortunately, conventional methods of scheduling appointments (e.g., via email or telephone tag between two people to find a mutually convenient day and time to talk) are inefficient and irksome in the least, and sometimes they’re even painful, as research from Forrester and others has shown.

As this business case will show, an alternative approach (online appointment scheduling and queue management) provides a superior, more personalized customer experience through a responsive customer engagement platform that clients will rave about, and companies will appreciate for its contribution to loyalty, revenue generation, and higher lifetime customer value.

Business Needs Addressed by
Online Appointment Scheduling

4 Important Business Needs

Companies that offer customers appointments through online scheduling see how well it addresses business pains and needs, along with the tangible business benefits it delivers.

Which business pains and needs are addressed?

Which benefits are delivered?

Online appointment scheduling addresses four important business needs:

1. Accelerate the Sales Cycle and Drive Revenues
2. Deliver a Superior Customer Experience
3. Create Brand Loyalty
4. Reduce the Cost and Time of Scheduling Appointments

Let’s briefly examine each of those business pains/needs/benefits.

Business Need 1: Accelerate the Sales Cycle and Drive Revenues

The conventional process of setting a sales appointment (via email or telephone cold calling) is flawed for both sellers and
prospective buyers.

Analysts believe back-and-forth scheduling by phone is inefficient:

• Sirius Decisions: Takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. (2)
CSO Insights: 60 percent of sales reps waste the equivalent of six selling weeks a year just trying to get customers on the
phone (3)
• Jeff Hardesty of JDH Group estimates the national average Conversation-to-Appointment ratio, (# of calls a sales rep must make to secure one appointment) is between 4 percent and 18 percent, “which means sales reps are having up to 20 conversations to get just one or two appointments.” (4)
• Surveys by Time Trade show that 65 percent of banking customers and 59 percent of retail consumers would be willing to schedule an appointment to help ensure they receive the knowledgeable assistance they seek.

Conversely, Forrester Research has found that appointment scheduling applications help companies “engage people ready to buy” by “facilitating meetings with prospects and clients on their schedule.” Forrester notes that online scheduling reduces “this back and forth, which can be time-consuming at best and maddening at worst.”

Online Appointment Scheduling also contributes to revenue generation by:

• Reducing time-to-close

• Increasing conversion rates and sales volume

• Increasing average customer transaction value

• Creating efficiencies through seamless connection of appointment setting software with legacy CRM, marketing automation, customer service systems, and databases.

• Driving customer engagement from sales outreach, websites, social media, and digital marketing programs (through
“Schedule an Appointment” buttons, email hyperlinks to scheduling calendars, etc.). This increases conversion rates with effective call-to-action prompts that accelerate revenue.

• Raising appointment show rates.

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Business Need 2: Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Business Need 3: Create Brand Loyalty

Business Need 4: Reduce the Cost of Scheduling Appointments

Businesses That Benefit from Scheduling

Proven Business Benefit 1: Increased Sales Productivity

Proven Business Benefit 2: More Customer Visits

Proven Business Benefit 3: Increased Purchase Per Appointment

Proven Business Benefit 4: Improved Personalized Service

Proven Business Benefit 5: Scalability

Proven Business Benefit 6: Support and Grow Sales and Service Results

Proven Business Benefit 7: Quick ROI

Quantifying the Scope, Costs, and Value of Appointments at Your Company

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