The 6 Principles to 6PACK Abs

The 6 Principles to 6PACK Abs

The 6 Principles to 6PACK Abs – The reason you’re reading this right now is because you’re sick and tired of looking down and not being satisfied with the size and look of your tummy, am I right? In that case, welcome to the 6 principles to six pack abs.

Firstly, let’s not beat around the bush. You most likely have too much fat, you don’t have the six-pack you desire and you’re fed up with it. You want to change. The great news is that you’ve made the right decision by reading this book.

Only one thing works in life and that is hard work! But it’s not anywhere near as hard as you think. It’s a case of seeing through hype and forcing yourself to accept reality as it is and to then go forward with a positive attitude and make an effort.

A simple diet and a bit of exercise can get you unbelievable results! Most people tend to quit when they don’t see results right away but it takes time for results to happen as nothing is immediate. This is where willpower is required, to help you stay on track. If you can stay focused on your goal to lose weight and get in shape, you will succeed.

But have you ever wondered why you want that body so badly in the first place?

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside…

Chapter 1 – Presuppositions On Six Pack Abs

Chapter 2 – Having Abs Is Good For Your Health

Chapter 3 – Why Are Six Pack Abs So Elusive?

Chapter 4 – Principle 1- A Full 7-8 Hours Sleep

Chapter 5 – Principle 2- Hydration Is A Must

Chapter 6 – Principle 3- Adequate Protein

Chapter 7 – Principle 4- 20-30mins Cardio Exercise Every Day.

Chapter 8 – Principle 5- Record Your Journey

Chapter 9 – Principle 6- Effective Ab Workouts


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