Affiliate Blueprint

Affiliate Blueprint

Web 2.0 Social Networking

Affiliate BlueprintWeb 2.0 Social Networking By using Web 2.0 social networking, you can announce and spread the word about your affiliate product.

Instead of sending them directly to the vendor’s site, you can use Squidoo, Hubpages and other social networking sites like Ning and to Presell the product through writing articles and converting them into mini websites.

Instead of advertising the vendor site, you will advertise your intermediary site and use it to list build and follow up through an autoresponder.

The easy way to list build is take a picture of one of a Weber or Get Response forms using a program like Snagit, and upload the picture and make it a clickable link to a squeeze page.

You can build a squeeze page using which has a drag and drop interface that makes it extremely easy to build web pages with autoresponder forms embedded in them.

You then have people click, go to your landing or squeeze page and fill out the form. On the landing page, you can further outline the benefits of the product you are promoting.

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