$900 Week Super Niche

Marketing Lightweight: Meet The Bill Buster…

“Steal My $900/Week Super Niche and Discover the Marketing Tactics That Can Instantly Transform You from Affiliate Failure into SUPER Affiliate… 100% Guaranteed!”

If You’ve Never Had Any Success
In The Past… This Is Especially for You!

From the Desk of: Jerry Moore & Coyalita Linville

Date: Friday, July 3rd, 2007

Hello Frustrated Internet Marketer,

This is not another well-crafted sales letter put together by a million-dollar copywriter who has never even laid eyes on the content of this short and sweet report…

Speaking of good copy that sells bad products…

How many times have you bought an info product that you were sure would change your bank account balance… only to find out that it was another piece of you know what?

I can tell you… it has happened to me many times before and will continue to happen after… but this, my friend, is something…


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