Winning at Texas Holdem’

Winning at Texas Holdem’

Winning at Texas Holdem’Playing Multi-Table Tournaments Online multi-table tournament play is not only fun and educational, but they’re a great way to maximize on your bankroll if you play them right.

Many sites offer low entry fee tournaments that pay out the top places at a mostly decent increase on your investment.

For example, Full Tilt Poker has $1.25 tournaments with 45 people going on all the time. They pay in the top 6 places: 1st = $17.10, 2nd = $11.25, 3rd = $7.20, 4th = $4.50, 5th = $2.70, 6th = $2.25. So, if you win, you get a pretty good pay-off. Even if you place 6th, you’ll get your money back with a buck to spare.


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