107 Killer Traffic Conversion Secrets

107 Killer Traffic Conversion Secrets

107 Killer Traffic Conversion Secrets“Who The Heck Is Dan Lok?” Known as the “The World’s #1 Website Conversion Expert,” Dan is the “go-to” Internet copy genius that’s created hundreds of moneymaking ads and sales letters for clients in more than 49 different industries…

Dan’s reputation precedes him and includes a record of accomplishment of selling over $25.7 million worth of merchandise and services. His skills are so sharply honed that it wouldn’t be surprising if he sold ice to the Eskimos – at a premium price!!!

If Dan is such a wizard with words, perhaps you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of him before. It’s because Dan doesn’t seek out the spotlight. This “quiet giant” keeps a low profile in an industry over-run with self-promoting, self-proclaimed, and often self-deluded “experts.”

Instead of stoking the “Lok Publicity Machine,” Dan focuses on stoking the fires of success for his small business clients. Instead of devoting his time to his celebrity status, he spends hour after hour, week after week, working for the little guys… and loving it.


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